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Download now! Submission Date: 10/11/2019 Submitted by: Jafira This is a link to the former Dragons Empire Dragon Classification Viewer. A defunct project started by Nargus and ended in the summer of 2008, the programs purpose was to classify various dragons and their traits, data and info.

Read Only: The project has long since been discontinued and attempting to update the program will only corrupt it so don''t bother.

I have provided this link, much like others, for the purposes of posterity, to show what other dragon fans have done or aspired to do in the past.

My goal is only to provide access to resources past and present having to do with dragons - if Nargus at any time would like this program or these links removed, just let me know and I will remove them.

Source Site for former Dragons Empire Resources / Info : ... e-dragons-empire/?noquery

Download now! Submission Date: 10/11/2019 Submitted by: Jafira A copy of the Clawrite Font, figured I would preserve it. I Never got it to work personally, but meh, good luck.^^

Authored by: Iambian Zenith
Authors Email:
Download now! Submission Date: 10/11/2019 Submitted by: Jafira This is a decoder program for DragonCode Version 2, I noted that I could not find it online anymore, so felt that it would be best to attempt to preserve such.

If Forfaox or anybody else would like this program removed, please just drop me a line.

Information on the DragonCodeV2 can be found Here:
Download now! Submission Date: 10/11/2019 Submitted by: Jafira I came across this document while exploring the archives of (Altfandra) I felt that it was amazing and worth preserving, I was awestruck by some of the awesome text based artwork in the document and wished to get it out there for as many others to see it as possible.

If you are the owner of this document, and wish it to be taken down, please feel free to contact me, I was just amazed and wanted to get it out there for others to see, I meant no offense.
Download now! Submission Date: 10/11/2019 Submitted by: Jafira In the Spring of 2011 I spent about a week consuming dangerous amounts of caffeine and sugar in order to spew out what I call a draconity guide.

I wrote it in order to share my personal experiences and advice with newly awakened kin. It exists in a roughly forty page long pdf format and covers an immense variety of topics in four Sections.

Section one being the spirituality of otherkin.
Section two being the social implications of draconity.
Section three being the psychology of otherkin.
Section four being useful advice and quotes.

The topics of each category are listed within a contents section at the start of the guide.

Due to the fact that I have been a lurker for several years and do not speak with many other dragons outside of those few who have stumbled upon me in the past, criticism and critique of this guide is highly encouraged!

I would rather be told that I have been wrong or opinionated on some subjects then to risk leading newly awakened kin astray from their natural paths.
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