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This image is spiritually canon as far as my few perceived memories are concerned, I believe I existed alongside a humanoid wolf and that the two of us were somewhat nomadic until we settled down in some old castle ruins, which is were we were eventually both killed.

My beliefs predate the movie by at minimum a decade, but How To Train Your Dragon is a good reference to the type of relationship that I had with said wolf dude. Lol, it really does sound insane when I say I'm the possible reincarnation of a hermit wolf's pet dragon..

*shrugs*, it is what it is. Or at least, it's what my perceptions and experiences would have me believe^^

In any case, this picture? With the harness and straps? Warm fuzzies all over.. Even in context I'm sure that probably comes off as all sorts of weird o,=,0' If so, my bad^^" title="Dragon-Ride By Lady_darkstreak" /> - <a href=" title="Korageth and Kyrla by Snowsnow11" /> - <a href=" title="Korageth and Justra by VivianGard" /> - <a href=" title="Korageth and Chaos by Agont1710" /> - <a href=" title="A little moment in her world by Laruna and Dracondra" /> - <a href=" title="Korashau by RaineySteelwing" /> - <a href=" title="Pensive Kora by Fire-Red-Kirin" /> - <a href= ... tterfree-Valley-804371473" title="Butterfree Valley by ThePaintedDogg" /> - <a href=" title="The Fire by IcEnderr" /> - <a href=" title="Rashau by Sukinta" /> - <a href= ... -Relaxation-Com-776848898" title="Special Relaxation by Sketched-Dragons" /> - <a href= ... H-Day-and-Night-776522721" title="Day and Night by Steakborke40" /> - <a href=" title="Midnight Kora by IcEnderr" /> - <a href= ... iana-commission-768710675" title="Rashau Seriana by BandBSketches" /> - <a href= ... le-Serpent-YCHs-786242609" title="Jungle Serpent by Vegasyote" /> A Commission of Rashau by Blue-Hearts on DA- <a href=" title="A Commission of Rashau by Blue-Hearts" /> - <a href=" title="Rashau by Roseyred-1" /> -  <a href=" title="Rashau_headshoot_by_eyenoom" /> - <a href=" title="Korageth Quiet Day by Eyenoom" /> - <a href= ... Jafira-Paradise-329764265" title="Rashau in Paradise by Matrix9000" /> - <a href=" title="Relax-by Safenna" /> - - <a href= ... fternoon-breeze-348374207" title="Rashau as an anthro by Wierdofish" /> - <a href=" title="Rashau Headshot by darkangelamethyst" /> <a href= ... mmission-Jafira-363700717" title="Rashau by Paulinesa" /> Rashau as an eastern dragoness:  <a href=" title="Rashau as an asian dragon by xbkackfangx" /> <a href=" title="Korageth by DevilTheDragon" /> "My gosh, I worked on this without a single break :D<br>Its a commission for Jafira - it´s his OC Korageth :)<br>I hope you like it ^^;<br><br>Needed time: some hours<br>Character: (c) Jafira<br>used Media: easy paint tool SAI" - <a href= ... sion-for-Jafira-441868563" title="Storm is coming by Ferania" /> "Point Commissioned by Jafira<br><br>Such a lovely Dragoness, I'd love to draw her again~<br>That reminds me, I have to give my own dragon OCs some attention... <br><br>I really enjoyed drawing her~<br>I'm sorry her hair looks like it's bloated X'D But yeah. I felt really throw up-ish when I drew it so I wanted to finish it as quick as possible so I could go back to sleep possibly. <br><br><br>Rashau © Jafira <br>Art © Me" - <a href= ... Rashau-Headshot-443992784" title="Rashau Headshot by Libra-Dragoness" /> "This is Rashau, and it seems that the local fauna have taken quite a liking to her.  <br><br>Rashau was commissioned by Jafira <br><br>I hope you like her!" - <a href= ... ower-Commission-443811905" title="I'm Not a Flower by Kal0wen" /> "I changed the title, thought it would be more fitting xD<br>Completed YCH for Jafira, thanks for commissioning me !<br><br>I must say it was lot of work, but it looks pretty good xD<br>Added some scales to make it look cool ~<br><br>Hope you guys like it <br><br>Art (c) me<br>Korageth and Rashau (c) Jafira" -  <a href=" title="Waterbomb by Floravola" /> "Commission of Rashau for Jafira" - <a href=" title="Fire-in-the-jungle by Oksara" /> "Second commission by :iconjafira: - this time on his second OC, Rashau.<br><br>I must say I kind fell in love with her the moment I finished the sketch (which was nothing more than some white lines on black background...). I think I really needed this type of drawing instead of my standard style :D" - <a href= ... ashau-reference-570212993" title="Rashau Reference by Kalia24" /> "Commission by Jafira on his OC Korageth.<br><br>I really like how it turned out. Almost like some movie or video game character :D<br>While making it, I came to conclusion that I haven't drawn a dragon with human-like front paws for definitely too long - on the sketch I automatically made him animal paws... Only later realized something is wrong" - .<a href= ... ageth-reference-568876804" title="Korageth Reference by Kalia24" /> "Commission for Jafira of his Korageth :D I usually get really stupid ideas and later I find out how unskilled I am in that matter (dat graaasss), but luckily with "little" help I was able to make it look.. pretty much the same as I had it in my mind! :meow:<br>Thank you for commissioning me, Jafira! :D<br><br>Korageth belongs to Jafira<br>Art by Kayrea" - <a href= ... l-Rays-of-Light-587585355" title="Tranquil Rays of Light -Korageth by Kaarhai" /> "Oh boy, back to cell shading *-*<br>Also tried shading the differently, it was actually quicker than my previous method...-w-<br><br>I'm not sure how I feel about this headshot style either, I'm really indecisive! <br><br>Commission for Jafira of their dragon, Rashau, lovely I must say x3<br><br>Hope I got the extra details right..xD<br><br>Art is mine<br>Rashau belongs to Jafira" - <a href= ... shot-Commission-610789293" title="Rashau Headshot by Yorialu" /> First commissioned interpretation of Korashau. A fusion of Jafira's dragons Korageth and Rashau. - <a href=" title="Korashau Fishing by NikolaosFlamel" /> "For Jafira!<br>Let me know if I missed out on anyone/messed up somewhere!<br>I hope you like it! Thanks for buying the YCH! <3<br><br>Featured Dragons (c) Jafira<br>Art (c) Dracodramon221 " "A little gift for Jafira (And as an example for the YCH TvT)" - <a href=" title="Rashau Plush by Soul-Kokoro" /> "For Jafira<br><br>Thank you for the first commission!<br>I hope you like it!" - <a href= ... la-and-Korageth-651467059" title="Gift for Kyrla -Skyla and Korageth by Ghostlightningdragon" /> "YCH for Jafira<br><br>Character (c) Jafira" - <a href= ... n-t-defy-me-YCH-656656630" title="Maybe you shouldn't defy me by Lamp-P0st" /> Gift for Kyrla, Featureing Kora and Rashau - <a href=" title="Protection by LykenZealot" /> "Ref sheet for Jafira" - <a href= ... Reference-Sheet-660547071" title="Korageth Reference Sheet by Icy-Marth" /> "Commission for Jafira<br>You're always a pleasure to work with~!" - <a href= ... Reference-Sheet-660549166" title="Rashau Reference Sheet by Icy-Marth" /> "ych for Jafira<br>Music: Ashram – For My Sun"  - <a href= ... ouds-and-Sunset-670454815" title="Rashau-Clouds and Sunset by Flowerewolf" /> "Not any creature is brave enough to conquer a storm, but the ones who did are learned to control it. Kora's roars sounded like thunder, and his scales shined espesially dright from the close lightnings..<br><br>Completed ych for Jafira (FA)  OC Kora" - <a href=" title="Stormcaller Kora by Tandro" /> "That was a nice and warm sunny day, the best time to have a long flight above wild sandy beach<br>completed ych piece for Jafira (FA)   OC Rashau" - <a href=" title="Beach Flight Rashau By Tandro" /> "This was a commission done for Jafira of their two dragons, Rashau (left) and Korageth (right)<br>Art was done by me<br>They belong to Jafira!" - <a href= ... mmission-Jafira-687375534" title="Fusion-Avatar-By Misha-Zhirov" /> "My fifth YCH!!!<br><br>This is the YCH for Jafira<br><br>I really hope you like it x3<br><br>Art by TaimaTala" - <a href=" title="Korashau-Magic-Water by TaimaTala" /> "Ych commission for Jafira <br><br>I love it so much - both the background and the character  :D Hope, you'll like it too!" - <a href= ... is-land-ych-com-696397601" title="On Guard of his land by ElenPanter" /> "Finished YCH for  Jafira of their dragoness Korashau enjoying a rest deep in the forest : ) <br>thank you so much for being patient with my constant back and forth on this image because of my lack of confidence in producing something nice. it means a lot to me ;__; <br><br>I learned a number of things when doing this image, and many things that I need to keep in mind moving forward with painting. getting better isn't possible with some stumbling so heres to more : ) I had a lot of fun with this and wanted to make something more whimsical/magical instead of straight up gotta be realistic so hopefully I got that idea across!" - <a href=" title="Deep Forest by Nairo-Ryu" /> "Young dragons are curious by nature, in an endless world full of magic and things to explore Korashau stops by a forest and starts perceiving the fragrance of early spring flowers blooming all around. With a warmy sun heat fairies wake up and come to see what this big creature is doing, spring is coming for everyone! <br><br>Meet me at: <a href= " - ... u-and-the-fairy-740600935" title="Korashau and the fairy by ShimaLaqi" /> "A YCH commission done for Jafira of their character Korageth.<br><br>I really do hope you enjoy the drawing!"  - <a href=" title="Korageth-Shadow-magic-by Nihalla" /> Rashau as drawn by NikolaosFlamel - <a href=" title="Serenity-Rashau by NikolaosFlamel" /> "YCH commission for Jafira<br><br>This is the first commission I do and I am very excited. It was a pleasure that the first commission was Rashau. I liked to draw her, I had fun moving away from my conventional style to draw dragons to imitate Rashau's style.<br><br>I hope you like it.<br><br>Only the commissioner (Jafira) is allowed to use this image."  - <a href= ... he-Cliff-Rashau-756416022" title="Sunset on the cliff - Rashau by LilyDiaz18" /> "Completed YCH for Jafira of their character Kora. Hope you like it!" - <a href=" title="Waterfall by Alliion" /> "Finished colored sketch YCH for Jafira! Thank you so much for letting me take a crack at Korageth! I definitely enjoyed myself here, such a lovely design, I think Korageth really fit the scene :heart: You were also a pleasure to work with, so I want to say thank you again!"  - <a href= ... -YCH-for-Jafira-759624887" title="Rain by Rockwell Light" /> "I have lost track of how many times I redrawn this dragon.  This character has fought me on everything, I guess they don't like me. xD A YCH for Jafira" - <a href=" title="Shadow-magic-by-Achiha-azteca" /> Rashau enjoys a summer day among sunflowers.<br><br>Finished YCH  <a href= ... -and-sunflowers-768301943" title="Rashau and Sunflowers by ChaiChai2016" /> Korageth by Haskiens - Korashau Headshot - Rashau by Soronadragon - <a href=" title="Rashau by Soronadragon" /> Korageth Midnight Shadow Commission - Rashau relaxing by  Safirethedragon - <a href=" title="Rashau relaxing by Safirethedragon" /> Korageth by Kingdomheartsfan08 - <a href=" title="Korageth - These Fleeting moments by kingdomheartsfan08" /> Korashau by Feognia - <a href=" title="Korashau by Feognia" /> Rashau by Bluesilkie6 on DA: <a href=" title="Rashau by Bluesilkie6" /> Rashau by lukethevolgar - <a href=" title="Rashau by lukethevolgar" /> Korashau and Skyla by Michael Richter on DeviantArt Rashau by Gnomecake - <a href=" title="Rashau by Gnomecake" /> Korageth by Gnomecake - <a href=" title="Korageth by Gnomecake" /> Rashau by Devilthedragon - <a href=" title="Rashau by Devil the dragon" /> Rashau as drawn by anutwyll - <a href=" title="Rashau by anutwyll" /> Rashau by brennacinnamonroll  on Deviantart. - <a href=" title="Rashau by Brennacinmonroll" /> Rashau commissioned from <a href=" title="Rashau Commission by Sketched Dragons" /> Korageth by FloofyPikajay on Deviant Art Korageth by Aolitic - <a href=" title="Korageth by arolitic" /> Korageth by BLDarksoul - <a href=" title="Korageth-Sunshine By BLDarksoul" /> Rashau and Atmora's dragon Nakash. - <a href=" title="Rashau-Trainquility-by-Shimal_laqi" />
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