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A later commissioned gift for Atmora, this one by the artist 3Rev3/<br><a href=" title="Atmora by 3rev3" /> A group pic with Jafira as Kora/Rashau alongside Atmora and Tasvyn. Drawn by Tasvyn - <a href=" title="Group pic, gift by Tasvyn" /> A newer scene of Atmora commissioned once again by the amzing artist Gnomecake. <br><a href= -" title="Motherly Atmora by Gnomecake (Romie)" /> Another older image I commissioned as a gift for Atmora, it was commissioned from a good friend, Gnomecake, or Romie from our discord server.<br>- First image of Atmora I had commissioned as a gift to her. It was before her appearance was better understood.<br>- <a href=" title="Atmora's Tower by Jay-Kuro" /> Atmora in serene twilight, a gift I commissioned for her drawn by the awesome Shima_laqi over on FA.<br>- <a href=" title="Atmora by Shima_laqi" /> Atmora - Kora by Paperbeans on DA Atmora Plush by Soul_rin on DA I live in the desert, snow is not a common experience for me, likewise, as a dragon Korageth/Rashau slept through their winters, eitherway you slice it, I'm not a fan of snow. Atmora's the opposite, she's a snow derg, so, after many discussions of how snow is likely fatal to me and her threatening to someday prove otherwise and speaking praise of winters, I couldn't help but pounce on this image when I saw it as a YCH. It was won from Sky-hiigh over on DA. - <a href=" title="Snowball Fight by Skye-Hiigh" /> A reference sheet I commissioned as a gift for Atmora, drawn by the amazing Icy-Marth over on FA/DA.<br><a href=" title="Atmora Reference Sheet" />
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