ArtGallery BreadCrumb Gifts for Kyrla/Skyla
- <a href=" title="Gift for Kyrla- on a Branch by Ijiro" /> (Kyrla's Dragon self perception)<br>"Finally finished the commission for Jafira ! <br>Pls tag your friend so she sees it <3 <br><br>And sry that it took so long i had a lot shit going down ir... Hope you like it !<br><br>ah btw i failed those claws on her wings so i somehow hid them in the feathers , if you want me to change that just tell me" - <a href=" title="Skyla Commission by Tatorah" /> "A commission for Jafira's partner's character, Chaos~<br><br>Art is mine, beautiful character is theirs. <3 I'm very proud of this piece~" - <a href= ... /Chaos-YCH-Fill-649975833" title="Chaos gift for Kyrla by Misha-Zhirov" /> - <a href=" title="Kyrla Gift bv Luciajalf" /> - <a href=" title="Gift for Kyrla, -Skyla - Dry river pines by Owletfluff" /> "This a commission for Kyrla Of her character Chaos. Only Kyrla has permission to use this.<br>I used color pencils to color this." - <a href=" title="Gift for Kyrla -Chaos by Cryofthebeast" /> - <a href=" title="Kyrla gift by IRMINN89Raisel" /> - <a href=" title="Kyrla Skyla gift- Practice at Sunrise by Icy-Marth" /> X_neewollah_x on deviant art <a href=" title="Fire Power -Skyla Gift for Kyrla by Hagallaz" /> "Finished YCH<br>Belongs to Jafira<br><br>Thank u so much was a pleasure drawing your character <3<br><br>Artwork © to Schoky91" - <a href=" title="Gift for Kyrla, by Schoky91" /> =Tasvyn - <a href=" title="Group pic, gift by Tasvyn" /> - <a href=" title="Kyrla Gift, Skyla by Lovers_remorse" /> "Finished YCH for Jafira, Please comment^^ It's motivating more than a fav <3 " - <a href=" title="Skyla-Sunset by MagicPancil" /> Skyla by FloofyPikajay on Deviantart. -  <a href=" title="Kyrla Gift, Skyla by Dangerdregon" /> "Finished ych for Kyrla and Jafira<br><br>I hope you'll like it :v" - <a href=" title="Kyrla Gift by Rentoraanyan" /> - <a href=" title="Gift for Kyrla, Skyla dragon by Julietterri" /> "Ref sheet for Skyla" - <a href= ... Reference-Sheet-660546560" title="For Kyrla- Skyla Reference Sheet" /> "Skyla speedpaint for Kyrla<br><br>Speedpaint: <a href= " - ... kyla-SPEEDPAINT-691951254" title="Skyla Speedpaint by SilveryStormWing for Kyrla" />
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