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 Baxils Draconity FAQ
A mirror of Baxils Draconity FAQ used with permission to propagate the information therein.

"I am a dragon."
What are dragons?
What does "I am a dragon" mean?
What do dragons mean to you?
Why dragons?
Are you crazy?
Do other, "normal" humans accept your d...
Isn't believing you're a dragon escapis...
Do you actually believe that you are dragons?
Do you believe that you are (or can become) real,...
How can I tell whether I'm a dragon or not?
What if I am not a dragon but am in touch with (t...
Do you consider dragons superior to humans?
Why choose a creature that doesn't physicall...
I'd love to be a dragon, too, but aren'...
Why do you use a "dragon name" differen...
What do dragons think about (...insert issue here...
What are dragons like in "real life"?
Is draconity a cult?
Is draconity a religion?
Is there a religion geared toward dragons?
Is draconity compatible with my existing religion...
Can one be a Christian and a dragon?
Aren't dragons symbols of the devil in the B...
How do I become a dragon?
How do I join the dragon community?
Is draconity an offshoot of furry fandom?
How many dragons are there out there?
Is there any official dragon organization?
Why is so much of the dragon community online?
Why do you spend so much time on the Internet?
Is everyone in the dragon community a dragon?
How do you tell between true dragons and people w...
Does my Dragon Purity Test score mean I (am/am no...
What's the deal with "dragon magic"...
How did you discover your draconity?
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