My Introduction (2015)

Column: Jafira's Ramblings
Author: Jafira

About Jafira Dragon Greetings, I am Jafira Dragon, (Jah-Fear-Ah) I am 32 years of age, prior self proclaimed dragon pope and am somewhat of an adventurer, I live in the Phoenix area of Arizona where I am employed full time and spend what little free time I have offline studying and chilling in nature. (My dragonkin beliefs can be found Here: ---> ) My general religious beliefs are fairly fluid, I believe in a sort of pantheist/animist mashup, or a little bit of everything. I tend to be a very deep thinker, drawing and evolving my personal beliefs from what works and makes sense from a variety of systems and different cultures. Paradoxically, I am also fairly secular when it comes to religion and can become a bit truculent when I encounter dogmatism or fundamentalism. I generally straddle a balance of internal spirituality and external secularism. In the recent past I was a writer by hobby and tended to study general metaphysics during my spare time, I also studied alternative histories and similar subjects of the occult or paranormal. In past years I used to go on ghost hunts and practice energy work regularly, however lately I have become burnt out on many of my old interests and have moved on for the time being. I AM ABSOLUTELY ADDICTED TO ART!! OMG!! SQUEE!! I LIVE FOR DRAGON ARTWORK!!!! :XD: But I myself cannot draw very well, nothing worth showing in public at least and I can tend to get extremely down or depressed about that personal weakness or failing.. Thus, I'll typically seek to compensate by searching for art during my free time and will often attempt to commission or request drawings from others who I respect or who's art style I enjoy. I am eternally thankful to those who draw gifts for me or choose to accept my commissions. I am obviously an open lover of dragons and tend to obsess over them at times, I will be the first to admit that I have a dragon shrine in my room. At the same time however, I understand that there is more to life then admiration of mythical reptiles, I therefore strive to pull off a more or less average civilian life, working off line to keep my dragon interests to myself unless the subject comes up. Lastly I must mention that I work an Evening shift and disappear from the internet during certain months, That said I am not always available online, however when I am online I try to be available for discussion, if you see me online, never hesitate to chat. During my leisure time I tend to explore the Superstition Mountain wilderness a paranormal hot spot and beautiful mountain range. There is always something to explore in my area of the world and that keeps me busy. Or at least, it did before I became addicted to Skyrim... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Finality of Who Jafira is: So yeah, your still asking, who am I really? I am someone who loves fantasy, mystery, life and the paranormal, someone who explores the great wilderness and strives to be different from everyone else, defies society as it is, flaunts his uniqueness in public, believes in energy and magic, while traveling everywhere to the sound of amazing new music. One who helps good friends and strangers to the detriment of himself, cares not for the perceptions of others, and lives each day as if it were his last. Someone from another world and another life, an alien mind, a dragon lost in a world of man, desperately trying to fit in while not losing himself, someone who connects with other dragons of his past for guidance, Jafira for his youth and playfulness, Veltra for his wisdom, and intellect, as well as his past perception Korageth for his strength pride and will! I am someone who isn't afraid to play with the forces of the unknown, or seek his own path in life. Someone who will climb the highest peak and gaze down in awe at Gods great creations, one who seeks to enjoy the peace of nature, and explore unknown areas in search of new adventures that others believe cannot possibly exist, one who spends his free times studying lost knowledge in the tops of forest trees in a hidden oasis in the desert, far from civilization, free to be with creation and the beauty around him. Someone who has lived his life with much pain and suffering and has learned to always persevere for the greater reward, someone who has seen his past demolished and heartbroken can still look to the future bright eyed with the knowledge that his past was good, someone who has been hurt and alone and though weary to give his heart, can truly appreciate the warmth and undeserved love that a relationship can give. A writer who writes tales of the world he believed to be his home, the creatures he wishes he could meet again, his characters sacrificing their lives always for the benefit of the greater good, an artist at heart who though lacking of his own skill can see the deep heart, individual skill and effort in the artwork of others, cherishing the work placed in each stroke. A poet in the darker depths of his mind, and one given to long speeches to no one but the spirits and nature around him. Someone who had cloaked himself in darkness because no one showed him the light, a simple man, who wants nothing more then a simple life, a peaceful life to follow his dreams, to fulfill his ambitions, to rest, to sleep, to love, to be loved, and to sit upon the mountains with his friends and love ones, watching the blazing sunset in the distance, and learning to rest happily with those he can love and trust. Nothing more. That is who I am... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: That about covers my bio, it was long and boring, but thorough, I am gladly open to discussions or questions, and happy to meet new people, preferably the friendly kind. Thank you for reading, I feel that it is important that, if I am to go through the trouble to create these resources and community, that my visitors should know at least a little about the person behind the scenes. I will do my best to serve my guests in any way that I can and work hard to provide the best for dragon lovers across the globe. ~May the spirit of the dragon live on in all who believe. Dragons Rule! [img][/img]

Published:  10/08/2019