Updated my otherkin/dragonkin guide (2018)

Column: Jafira's Ramblings
Author: Jafira

The topic title pretty much says it all, I have integrated some of my recent advice writings or opinions into my 2011 draconity / otherkin guide. The majority of new content has been added to a chapter titled "Addendum's" I also modernized the guide a little bit and rephrased a few paragraphs here and there to be more easily translated in the future. I have also gathered all the head mate related topics into it's own little section, as well as added a few small new topics here and there. Anyway, I'm just trying to stay relevant! :lol: Catch ya around! JAFIRAS DRACONITY GUIDE 5th Edition (2018) = http://www.jafiradragon.com/Jafira-Draconity-Guide.pdf <-------Click Here. :-D [center] :-)[img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/Kin.png[/img] :-)[/center]

Published:  10/08/2019