Dragon Map, New Design, Update's and Wiki

Column: Jafira's Ramblings
Author: Jafira

Rawr, long time no updates! :lol: Welcome and I hope you enjoy the new design! This is Jafira's Lair 2020 version^^' I still feel like I haven't aged a day since I first started back in 2001 :oops: anyway, there is nothing really new but the look, it's the same content from the old locked down message board version of my site, just in a slightly less novice design I'd hope^^ Dragons Valley has recently been revamped to serve as a repository for dragon and otherkin information and creations, alongside it's original role as a dragon forum, it is still new but has potential. One of it's features is a satellite map which I and close friends have gradually been pinning dragon landmarks too, feel free to check it out! [img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/Lair/images/Valley.png[/img] http://www.dragons-valley.com/ [img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/Lair/images/banners/DMap.png[/img] http://www.dragons-valley.com/en/dragon-map In addition, while designing the new revamped version of our Discord's community site Dragons Valley I also took the liberty to build and design a still somewhat rudimentary Dragon/Otherkin Wiki, please feel free to browse and check out it's resources as well! ^,=,^ [img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/Lair/images/banners/wiki-Best2.gif[/img] http://www.wiki.dragons-valley.com/index.php?title=Main_Page [img]http://jafiradragon.com/Lair/images/Social/Discord.gif[/img] https://discord.gg/ZVjqF5 _________________

Published:  10/08/2019