Title: Fallen Flames (2002)

Column: Jafira's old Poems
Author: Jafira

Title: Fallen Flames Jafiris of the woods---Veltraz of the wind---Koragus of the night---guardians of Tycosa unite---we shall reveal our might ---yes not one but three are here---you do not run? you should fear..---you've had your fun----the game is done----for what once was three are now one---we fell in battle---with magic ablaze---but with one fatal flaw in all our days---when that sword pierced--- a dragons bane!--- and we died the same---we fell as hero's but knew we were zeros--- cursed to be born to this jungle---whilst are homeland crumbled---we can only remember--- the peaceful days of yore long before the war.

Published:  10/13/2019