About Veltra Sivala Skyburn (1999-2008)

Column: About Jafira's Dragons
Author: Jafira

About Veltraz Dragon. ABOUT VELTRA: Shortly after the appearance of my head mate known as Jafira, a third persona became noticeably apparent, as a phantom voice within my consciousness commenting on actions and occurrences, in time this voice became more sociable, and a few weeks later while I was hiking up a mountain, it identified itself as Veltraz, in time his name was shortened to Veltra for convenience. Veltra was a very distinct persona, in the fact that either he had access to my subconscious, or great wisdom, Veltra tended to have a treasure trove of logic, and my mental conversations with him tended to touch upon philosophy, theology, time, physics, spirituality, and basic moral ethics. His highly rational mind was entirely at odds with my natural personality which was more in tune with Jafira's and Korageth's. As I had in my youth a great issue concerning pride, I and this persona would at times have epic debates within my conscious mind. Veltra's memories prior to his arrival to my conscious were lacking, and it is believed that he was a memory fragment of a dragon met in Korageths lifetime. When asked of his existence, Veltra believed that his purpose with me was simply to guide and support me through life's daily trials, A task which he greatly excelled at. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- APPEARANCE: Veltra's appearance was that of a western style dragon, however unlike Jafira and Korageth he was not young in my mental perceptions, rather he appeared to be quite aged, average size, his scale color was a darkened yellow, and his eyes were golden as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FURTHER INFORMATION: The Veltra persona was often known to debate philosophy and metaphysics with my conscious mind, through his help I have a higher understanding of spirituality and higher purpose, most, or all of my writings on metaphysics or theology will likely tend to have some basis from his influence. [img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/Veltra7.jpg[/img]

Published:  10/13/2019