Prelude To The Tycosa Saga -part 0

Column: The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction
Author: Jafira

Prelude To The Tycosa Saga: (Origin Mythos) In another world known as Terraset, there was a war between mighty gods known as the mystics, the gods fought for land, as nature was their source of power, as the gods fought the planet withered and wilted, the mystics turned animals into warriors to fight, and enslaved humans as well. However one of the mystics hearing the cries of the planet, took his land, and cast up mountains around it, creating a pristine valley paradise shut off from the rest of the world. As the mystics battled and the world decayed, the valley he had named Tycosa flourished. In time, the mystics begun to die out, and as they continued to fight, the peaceful mystic gathered the beast hybrids, dragons, and fallen warriors to live in peace within his valley free from the enslavement and war of his brothers. In time, one mystic came to power and destroyed the rest, his name was Kyambas, now, Kyambas alone in the barren wasteland of Terraset, was without power, yet within the Tycosian valley was the life and vitality necessary to revive the planet and give him strength. A great war was fought, but with the aid of the creatures he had saved, and the nature of the valley, the good mystic was able to defeat Kyambas. During the battle the two canceled out each others power and became mortal. Their wars over and the planet battered and ruined. Hundreds of years passed and Terrasets history begun. Now the quest for survival in this new world begins, between the barren kingdom of Arconia and the hidden valley of the winds, Tycosa. [img][/img]

Published:  10/13/2019