The Clan Wars - Part 1 (2002)

Column: The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction
Author: Jafira

The Dragon's: Grandaru Nightfire____ Taralu Skystreek_______ Katanis Nightrider __________Hadamaru Silverwing_______________ Travalis windseeker -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calakos meant Fire Tyfone meant wind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Clan Wars: These events took place hundreds of years before this, our time and were chronicled within the legends of the tycosian people! Written as it was read from the original text within the grand towers library. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to legends, The Tycosian valley was once the home of many great dragons this story contains the writings of the last known recorded history of Dragons in Tycosa and contains information of why the majority of the dragons seemed to have disappeared from this land. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long ago there were once two clans of dragons in Tycosa. There was the fire clan which lived within the many caverns upon the mountain of Calakos. This clan consisted of many dragons and their clan was ruled by Katanis Nightrider. Aside from the pride of Calakos there was another mountain. Across the great valley there was the larger wind clan of Mt. Tyfone. These two clans of fire and wind lived prosperously for generations on separate sides of the valley they lived harmoniously among each other under the condition that each clan stray away from the other's territory. Then according to legend, one day a massive fire broke out within the Lycona forest and much of the land was burnt down. This lessened the available prey and the two clans eventually found themselves with less food. The dragons of both sides often having to leave the valley to hunt for prey as result. Soon the leader of the wind clan, A great dragon with scales glistening like gold became enraged his name was Taralu and he with great distrust blamed the fire clan with evidence that the deadly fire had spawned on their side of the valley. The leader of the fire clan a noble black dragon named Katanis of course rebutted claiming that the wind clan had caused the fire when one of their members had wandered onto their territory. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As finding prey and hunting became more difficult the two clans began to battle for portions of land outside the valley. The dragons of both clans often traveling in groups on hunts and battling in sky and land over the new hunting grounds of the vast arconian mountains. Normally the two warring clans would have negotiated rather then argue about such minor things as territory but the hunger and starvation of both sides soon grew rampant and they were all very angry. The two clans confrontations began to become more frequent there just wasn't enough prey for both of the two clans. The valley was rich with life yet the arconian mountains outside were barren and desolate. It soon became clear that whichever clan controlled the valley would survive. Kantanis realized this and lead Ariel attacks against the tyfone clan nightly. The tyfone clan retorted by moving to a location of the mountain of high winds. Soon when the fire clan attacked again they were thrown from the sky by the winds of tyfone, they were then forced to battle the larger dragons of the wind clan on the ground. These battles and attacks continued in and outside the valley for many months. The two clans lost many of there brothers, now dying and starving both sides had lost the will to fight. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taralu and Kantanis both realized that a continued battle would lead to the extinction of both sides. Eventually It was decided that two dragons from each clan would meet for negotiations they were Grandaru and Kantanis from Calako mountain and Taralu and Travalis from Tyfone mountain it was apparent that one clan would have to leave the valley of Tycosa. Meanwhile the battle over the remaining prey still continued outside of the negotiations many dragons fought great battles against each other while the four leaders decided to meet one last time. During the final meeting the four elder dragons negotiations had gone no-where Kantanis being of great speed in flight had cunningly suggested they race across the valley and the winning clan leader may keep the sacred land. Taralu was wisely against that challenge and suggest instead a trial of wisdom which Kantanis in turn dismissed also. Suddenly during the heart of the negotiations the four elder dragons where surprised to be interrupted by an unknown dragon a silver dragon named Hadamaru who had arrived from a far away land. Hadamaru was from neither clan and claimed to be from a far off region called Sarcoris. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He said that he was the messenger of the six clans of Sarcoris an unknow land far from Tycosa and Arconia Hadamaru had heard of the two clans from a member of the Calakos who had left to live a nomadic life. Hadarmu told a story that the six clans of Sarcoris were going to begin a mass migration to find a new land, In order to escape those who hunted them, aside from these unknown hunters a great drought had killed off their prey. In order to escape these plagues the six clans of Sacoris would find new lands. Taralu laughed upon hearing the story, what creature could hunt a dragon? Hadamaru remained silent and requested again saying that he had come to this land to offer the migration to any who would welcome it. Kantanis called a meeting of the fire clan and the vast majority gratefully elected to join Hadamaru and the other dragons and leave that region. Let the wind clan have this dead land they thought! Ironically Kantanis who was once all for leaving with the others chose to remain alongside the few others who adamantly refused to leave there home. Kantanis passed down his title to his blood brother Grandaru. Soon the vast majority of the dragons of Mt. Calakos soon fled their once great valley now devoid of life and scarred from their great wars. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile the Tyfone clan being of great wisdom decided that such an exodus would be foolhardy and chose to stay behind they watched as their ancestral brothers flew off with the unknown messenger Hadamaru. The Tyfone clan along with the few remaining followers of Kantanis strived hard and through great difficulty survived through great famine and after a long five year struggle found that their home had recovered. The dragons lived on their sacred mountains for centuries watching over Tycosa. They held witness to the last years of the mystics, and they too where there to witness the beastmen and elves arrival, and they too saw forth and aided the construction of our grand tower. Over the centuries the few but mighty dragons of Calakos waned in number, adversely the ancient wind clan of Tyfone became too large for their sacred valley and were forced to move, they migrated to a larger area upon the mountains of Sycala still bordering and protecting their sacred home their paradise their Tycosa. And Thus it is clear that the valley of Tycosa, was then and always shall be the sacred home of dragons. You, the residents of this land should look to these creatures not as beasts nor devil but as friends for they allow you to live in their land and protect it still.. End

Published:  10/13/2019