The Legend of King Wakaris Part 2 (2002)

Column: The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction
Author: Jafira

THE JOURNAL My name is Gerris I am keeping this journal to chronicle our journey. We are a group of four arconian explorers we have traveled for many days to reach the Sycala mountains we were ordered by are emperor to examine the uncharted lands beyond those mountains and return with are findings. We are currently low on food and are about to turn back to the village of Dorana. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This afternoon a dark garbed being calling himself Kyambas arrived at our camp I sensed an eerie feeling from him but he showed me and the others a path to a cavern he then vanished we continued through this cavern on our own. This cavern was very odd it was dimly lit sunlight came through small cracks in the stones high above we traveled for two hours and reached an exit me and the others of my expedition reached the peak that night. We set up camp at the entrance of the cavern. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was awoken this morning by the hollers of my companions they bid me to look outside the cavern. I did so and was astonished we gazed upon something we had never expected to see. From atop the mountain we saw a large valley a paradise. The sky was cloudy above this land but the sky was not what mattered but what we saw under them. There below us laid forests, plains, lakes, a hidden paradise surrounded completely by mountains.. It was so different from the mountainous region we were so accustomed to. The thought constantly echoed in my mind how could a green valley exist in such a place? We spent most of the day climbing down from the peak of the Sycala Mountains and setup a camp at the base. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have spent many hours navigating are way through the forest. About late afternoon we stopped at a river to rest. That is were we were ambushed and captured by strange beings they speak our tongue but not well they are not human they are the beastmen mentioned so often in our legends they are halflings they walk erect like a man speak like a man but they have animal features our captives appear like werewolves to us we are their prisoners so far they haven't taken my journal I hope that should something happen others will find this and know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This morning we were taken through what seemed to be a city or large village we were taken through the center and brought to a large tower. At this tower we were introduced to an aged fox-man who claimed to be the Tycosian king. He welcomed us to his home Tycosa hidden valley of the wind. He claimed we were the first humans to find them. We explained our journey from Arconia and told of our land. We were welcomed by the king and were showed around their city to the market place were they had no money and relied on trade and bargaining. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently staying in their tower were they have many celebrations for us inside is a ballroom were the festivities are held on the walls are murals of dragons and beasts we were shown a great room of treasure and offered all we could take though we turned them down we're explorers not thieves. Over the day we were introduced to their lifestyle so peaceful, much different from the warring mountains we have come from. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been three days in this beautiful land we have received rest and supplies but it is time for us to go their king himself has shown us the way out of the valley. We hope to return to that land and those peaceful beings soon but first we must return and report to the emperor we have begun are decent into the caverns from which we have came and should receive some steeds at the village of Dorana. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A page is missing) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This may be my last entry! Upon arriving back at Arconis we told are emperor of the find. The emperor disbelieved that such a valley could exist but this being a militaristic empire he sent a portion of his army to investigate, attack, and conquer the supposive hidden valley. We were locked up and were to be sentenced to death but me and my companions have escaped the others have fled but I shall return to warn the Tycosians.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The military is taking a longer route I have arrived in the valley via the secret cavern and have warned King wakaris he is preparing for war but the Tycosians apparently having never been in a battle are unprepared for such an attack and many refuse to fight many have fled to a hidden area. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This morning king Wakaris called a meeting of the high council I was to speak and tell of the situation the high council was a group of eight leaders who ruled this valley. They ordered the citizens to prepare to fight we decided that an area far from the city and tower would be best we chose a battlefield far from the tower and sent a group there to confront the arconians arrival. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This morning the Arconians arrived at the predicted place the battle begun but the tycosians are greatly outnumbered worse off the citizens of the city have formed a rebellion to capture the king they seem to blame him for allowing the invaders in he has been captured and will be apparently sentenced to death me and his general Dyaru shall try to rescue him. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dyaru and me failed last night and he was murdered. At the worse possible moment me and Dyaru witnessed the city being attacked their main military had apparently failed to fight off the invaders. Me and Dyaru snuck into the back of the tower through a hidden passage we followed the stairs to the third floor were we saw the Tycosian guards in a panic they had elected wakaru's son, prince Terado to lead. I spoke with Prince Terado he has called for assistance from an elf clan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So far the citizens of the city seem to be fighting off the arconian military which has built a camp nearby. If only I could do something other then watch from up here. The elf leader has sent his son Sheru to the tower to negotiate. The Tycosians military is quickly dieing out. The leaders can do little more then watch as their once great city is destroyed and the residents flee to the forests. while I repeat in my mind: If only we had never arrived... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have decided that I alone shall stop this madness.. I have gone to the basement of the tower and retrieved the strongest equipment available from the armory. I shall distract the army long enough for the Tycosians to complete their council and come up with a strategy. With this action I ask not for pity nore praise it is my choice.. Although I know I will die I'll at least by them time. I brought this menace here and I shall pay for my sins.. I now place this journal in the tower's library in hopes that someday others shall find it.. and know.. of this once great land... and know that even the best of intentions.. can lead to disaster. I am the great explorer Gerris of Arconia I leave now to confront my destiny.. To protect the paradise that I have doomed...

Published:  10/13/2019