The Tycosian Chronicles Part 3 (2002)

Column: The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction
Author: Jafira

The Tycosian Chronicles Background Info: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tycosa meaning Paradise was a large valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, and consisting of lakes meadows and forests the sky was usually cloudy which provided calm temperatures the valley was populated with anthropomorphic beings, they had created a large empire located at the fertile center of the valley, but human invaders from a kingdom known as Arconia north of the valley had come. The Arconians first claimed to want peace but then a war party arrived to conquer the Tycosians. The Tycosian populace having been traditionally a peaceful people were caught off guard by the first attack, in the confusion their king Wakaris was blamed for allowing the invaders in and was dethroned his young son prince Terado had taken his place. The war had been in affect for three weeks, the Tycosians city Cycanthra had been attacked they called for reinforcements but it was to late to save the city, the Tycosians not resisting had fled to the forest while the warriors and leaders retreated to the Grand Tower of Tycosa to defend their last structural resistance. The leaders of the valley could only watch helpless from their tower as their great city fell. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Council: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tycosa fourth week of the Great War. Arconian invaders have surrounded the Tycosians fortress; the nearby city of Cycanthra has been besieged. Prince Terado heir to the throne has called a meeting of the elder council even prince Sheru of the Elvin woods had arrived. They gathered to discuss the current state of affairs afflicting the people of Tycosa. The Tycosian prince approached the council, he was a fox anthro wearing a royal silver armor displaying the Tycosian crest on his chest plate, his back was draped with a slightly damaged red cape, arriving at the central alter of the meeting hall he welcomed the others "Members of the council as you know the humans of Arconia have besieged the city the citizens have taken refuge in the western woods but we do not no how long we can hide them. Our remaining forces are protecting the tower but supplies are low at this point the fate of our empire seems lost." Prince Sheru rose to speak his concerns "Our ranks are falling is there no way to stop the outsiders?" A young Tycosian lord named Cadesh rose to speak proposing that it was possible to sneak troops into the city to steal supplies but it would still be risky. The council denied the proposition stating that the marketplace was to well guarded to obtain any useful provisions. A hardened warrior of feline decent titled General Darnu added that they had already attempted to raid Cycanthra's market and had lost a party of warriors trying. Another leader of the Tycosian resistance known as Blackwolf Rykuda declared the obvious to his follow councilmen, "The attacks are becoming more frequent more of them come everyday while are numbers continue to drop the tower is under constant attack unless something happens soon are forces will fall". After Rykuda's statement a dark garbed being entered the room. Realizing this Prince Terado was angry to be interrupted and demandingly asked "Who are you to interrupt the high council" The shadowy being laughed his cloak shaking in result "I am one with out form or name one of the last of mystic blood.." the being exclaimed. Darnu blinked, having heard legends of the Mystic's in his childhood, they were said to be immortal wizards capable of immense power, "Mystic blood then you alone should have enough power to stop them." Darnu exclaimed. The hooded being shook his dead, "no my power is great but waning besides I cannot interfere but I can advise you. Seek the dragons of this valley they will aid you in your fight." Prince Terado approached the hooded prophet "And where do we find these dragons?" He asked. The mystic spread his draped arms in two directions, "Travel to the separate edges of your world, two clans exist one far to the west near the mountain you call Calakos, and one to the east near the wind blown mountains of Tyfone." That is all. The mystic prophets cloak expelled a thin mist which surrounded his form, as it dissipated his form vanished as well. The Fox prince Terado returned to his council, they voted and agreed to seek the dragons the prophet had spoke of. Terado finalized the decision, "So be it our remaining forces shall remain here and hold off the Arconian intruders as long as we can. Sheru and Darnu will journey to Mt. Calakos. Rykuda and Lord Cadesh will travel east to the mountains of Tyfone.. Our warriors shall protect the tower and evacuate the remaining citizens of Cycanthra go and hurry for there isn't much time." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Calakos!: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under the darkness of the cloudy night skies Prince Sheru and the General Darnu begin there journey to the mountain of Calakos, waiting until the early predawn hours of the morning the duo snuck away from the tower under the cover of darkness the moon shining through the clouds created many shadows to hide within. After escaping the besieged city of Cycanthra they traveled west towards the Lycona Forest it would be a three day journey to Mt. Calakos and then what would they do when they arrived there? They had no clue where to begin but they continued on with only a few arguments between the Prince and the war born General Darnu. Sheru looked around at the trees many of which had been damaged by the past months battles, "These woods were the home of my people before your kind allowed the humans in." He remarked. "We did not let the humans in it was king Wakaris and he is dead because of it, besides that is in the past and unless we fix his mistakes there will be no future." Darnu snapped back. During the course of Darnu's speech Sheru heard a sound behind him he quickly turned back to Darnu, "Shhh be quiet.. we're being followed...." he whispered. Darnu grabbed his blade and searched around the trees peering into the darkness. Sheru slid a long bow off from his shoulder and shot an arrow into the shadows. An agonized cry of pain was heard in the distance and the two ran over to inspect the victim of Sheru's arrow. Darnu arrived first to see the clear image of a human garbed in the red armor of the Arconian Elite. "It was one of them!" Darnu exclaimed raising a dagger to finish off the would-be assassin. "Wait!" Shouted Sheru, "Don't finish him yet!- Who are you?" He demanded of the fallen warrior. The fighter only laughed, "Ha a Tycosian prince... figures you would flee your fortress, that is just like your kind." He said through strained chuckles, "don't worry they'll find you this whole valley will be ours, property of the Arconian Empire, you will die like all the others, there is no escape..." Darnu angrily kicked the Arconian warrior, "that isn't answering our question!" He shouted. Though no further words uttered from the mouth of the warrior. Sheru reached down to examine him. "He is dead" he replied, "We should be careful the Arconites may have outposts near here we should follow the Terresa river to the mountain it should be safer." Darnu nodded, "Whatever just don't get us killed." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Mt. Wind: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elsewhere Blackwolf Rykuda and Lord Cadesh Journeyed towards the eastern edge of the Tycosian valley to a land of harsh winds known as the Mountains of Tyfone where the prophet had claimed that the messengers would find the help that they needed to save their peoples land. Rykuda and Cadesh traveled through the first night uneventfully and where continuing on their way traveling near the base of the Sycala mountain range. Eventually the duo passed a battleground from a few weeks prior, still rank with the stench of death. Rykuda looked around the wasteland of decayed bodies and rusting metal, "I battled on the front line's at this battlefield it was near the beginning of the war after the outsiders true intentions were realized. I lost many friends during that battle." Cadesh looked over to his comrade, "I'm sorry... At the time I was just a blacksmith Only when my uncle died did I take his place as a high elder within the council, my weapons helped to protect our kind but also caused a lot of those deaths." Rykuda nodded, "No worries its in the past, lets continue onward it will be a short journey and hopefully this war will end soon." "Yes" Cadesh replied," peace must be obtained but can a dragon do it all? They are still mortal, what if that mystic was wrong." Rykuda continued walking, "At this point anything that can be done must be done, putting are faith in a prophet is all we can do unless we decide to simply wait to die." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the Tower: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the Grand Tower events began to worsen as Acronian forces launched another attack to break through the surrounding walls of the fortress, a high ranking official rushed to inform his prince of the events concerning the defense of their outpost. "Terado! The left wall has been breached they're attacking through the ballroom!" Terado quickly realizing that the forces entering the tower had to be stopped at once declared his orders, "Send the main forces to defend the main hall, repair the breach as soon as possible and search the outer walls of the court yard to find out how they had made it through the main gate!" The guard saluted in response, "we will defeat the forces within our structure and examine the courtyard for the point of entry." Terrado nodded in response "Good we must not fall yet, hold out a little longer." The fox prince looked out through the slit window of his room to the carnage outside the fortress walls, and the ruined city of Cycanthra, he could only think to himself, "Things are getting worse I can only pray the mystics words ring true.. " -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Village of Outcasts: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile on the other side of the valley Darnu and Prince Sheru continued traveling along the Terresa River having rested from the prior nights events. Darnu was the first to notice a change of environment, "I smell smoke..." Sheru looked around in response before shortly noticing the odor as well, "I do too it's coming from over there." He exclaimed pointing towards a nearby clearing. The duo silently snuck over to observe the source and while spying through some large shrubbery noticed that it was a small camp consisting mostly of tattered makeshift shelters. "It appears to be refugees from the city." Whispered Sheru, Darnu nods, "then we're fine, these are my people let us go greet them." Darnu and Sheru stood up and entered the camp only to be greeted by the cold stares of the village refugees garbed in their tattered rags. One of the more healthier members of the group walked up to the duo, "I am Lord Karfa of Cycanthra, the recently elected leader of this group of outcasts, who are you?" Sheru and Darnu stated their names and positions within the Elder Council. Karfa simply laughed and sarcastically replied; "Well Sheru and General Darnu of the Grand Council how are things at your warm cozy tower? It must have been fun watching from your thrones as the Arconites burned our homes!" Sheru surprised at this remark attempted to calm the refugee down, "I assure you that your prince did all that he could to protect your city I am only sorry that my followers were to late to save it." Karfa undaunted in his stance only continued to rage focusing now on Sheru, "Yeah Where were You!? Our homes, are lives are gone because of You!" Darnu stepped between the two and tried to reason as well, "Now that's enough , we are fighting to save you, no our whole land and all that you can do is blame others, it's not our fault Cycanthra fell, the Arconian forces out number us we can only fight so hard." Karfa only continued his view, "apparently it wasn't hard enough!" He snapped, and behind him the other refuges cheered him on. Sheru pulled his companion aside, "Darnu perhaps we should leave we are clearly unwelcome here." Darnu simply nodded yes, then turned to the group behind him, "when we win this battle we'll see how you feel." The duo then continued their journey towards the craggy mountain of Calako's. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Mt Tyfone: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile Lord Cadesha and Black wolf Rykuda were approaching the Tyfone mountains. Cadesh and Rykuda traveled through the rocky landscape towards the mountain, Cadesh wondered aloud, "Why is it so windy here?" "The mountains of Tyfone are oddly placed they create a natural wind tunnel." Rykuda replied, Cadesh nodded a bit, "Seems pretty odd to me... well now where do we start?" Rykuda looked up from the base of the mountain and noticed about midway the unmistakable opening of a cavern. "How about that cave near the peak he responded." Cadesh looked up to the cave, "All the way up there?" Rykuda laughed amusingly," It's no problem for a true warrior!" He jokingly exclaimed, "Yeah well I can be a warrior too you know!" Cadesh remarked. Rykuda laughed, "We'll see, lets get going," Rykuda and Cadesh then begun their difficult climb up the slope of the mountain moving gradually towards the cavern at the peak. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mt. Calakos: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After much traveling through the Lycona forest Darnu and Sheru arrived at the craggy base of the mountain of Calako's. Darnu looked up at the rocky behemoth before them. "Okay Sheru we're here, we'll have to go to the peak." Sheru nodded and looked up at the mountain, "What happens then?" Darnu shook his head, "That's for Fate to decide lets get started." The two begun to climb towards the peak unhindered by the jagged rocks around them, as they reached about midway the two stopped to rest momentarily. Sheru looked out at the view around them, "Look Darnu there is nothing but forest as far as you can see, you can barely even see the city." Darnu nodded in response, "yeah, the trees and hillsides hide it all from site." The two soon finished their break and continued on their quest and after many hours had arrived at the entrance of a cave. "Well we're here, Look at the size of the cavern." Darnu stated. The two lit some makeshift torches and begun to go inside the mouth of the cave. Sheru stopped Darnu shortly afterwards, "I sense life but I don't see anything." The two looked around with their torches and came upon an indentation with what appeared to be very large eggs, Sheru pointed it out to Darnu, "Look is that a nest?" Darnu nodded, "It is so then were are the..." Darnu's question was interrupted by a booming voice from within the darkness, "Who dares to enter my lair?!" Darnu and Sheru both searched around panicked strickened for the source of the voice. Sheru spotted the black scales first, "There in the corner!" A dark reptilian form begun to approach them, It came to them and pridefully stated it's namesake, "I am Katrano Nightrider, Black Dragon of Calakos!" The dragon looked at the prey before him "You've come at a bad time I'm afraid" the dragon exclaimed slyly, "My mate was recently slain, I think I shall take my vengeance out on you, you two should be a worthy sacrifice for her loss, an eye for an eye." The dragon snickered licking its scaled lips with its long forked tongue. Sheru thought within his head, that a dragon even one such as this would not attack unprovoked and was most likely bluffing, he looked to Darnu, "Ignore him." Then turned to the dragon before them, it's form a dark shadow within the torch lit cavern walls, "we've come to request your help" Sheru replied to the dragon. The dragon laughed, "hmph I only help those who are as strong as me, do you need my help badly enough that you would risk your lives to fight me?" Darnu always up for a good fight ignored Sheru's pleads to reason with the dragon and pulled out his blade, "Yes! I'll fight you for our cause." The dragon laughed again, "Then come and strike me I hunger for your blood!" Darnu tossed his torch to the side and begun making false attacks at the dragon and the two begin to battle within the cramped confines of the cave, Sheru heaved a sigh of annoyance.. watching his companion fighting the force which was supposed to be helping them. "Darnu quit playing with the dragon we need his help you don't have to take his test it's a waste of time!" Yelled Sheru. Darnu continued his contest with the dragon and simply exclaimed "No I never back out of a challenge! " Sheru was quickly becoming angry and retrieved his bow from off his shoulder took aim and shot the sword out of Darnu's hand, Katrano continued an attack aimed at Darnu which was dodged, Katrano crashed into the side of the cavern wall after missing his query. Suddenly around the adventurers debris began to fall from the caverns ceiling as the cave begun to collapse around them. Sheru quickly grabbed Darnu screaming "let's go!" And the two quickly fled from the cavern as it collapsed around them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Master of the Winds: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile across the valley at the eastern edge Rykuda and Cadesh were nearing the peak of the mountain, eventually arriving at the entrance to the cave they had seen from the base of the mountain, the two lit some makeshift torches and proceeded cautiously into the cavern. Walking in through the cave Cadesh made note of some clay tablets stacked on some nearby walls, Rykuda went over to examine the texts, "They seem to be old scrolls from the city, though it must have been long before our time they don't use these much anymore." As the duo continued to look over the tablets a voice called out from the darkness, "who has come friend or foe, state thyself?" Rykuda responded first stating his name, "I am Black Wolf Rykuda Member of the Elder Council." Followed briefly behind by Cadesh's response, "I am Lord Cadesh also of the tower council." "You come concerning the war correct?" Asked the voice from the darkness, Rykuda responded, "Yes A mystic had stated that you would be able to aid us." The voice was silent for a moment then responded, "It must have been Darkclad.. Alas if the mystic has requested it then I shall help you, I am known as Veltron Skyblaze." A large gold scaled dragon came out from the depths of the cavern and introduced himself to the duo, "I will be of assistance in anyway possible." Rykuda and Cadesh explained their situation to the dragon, the dragon understanding the severity of the situation requested that they leave at once to return to their tower, then offered them a ride. The gold dragon briefly went into the deeper recesses of the cavern and bid farewell to a mate and two hatchlings then begun a flight to help the forces confined at the ancient tower. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dark One: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at Mt. Calakos Darnu and Sheru crawled out of the rubble having just barely escaped the cave in. Sheru hollered over to Darnu nearby and asked if he was alright, Darnu slowly climbed to his feet and dusted himself off, "I've been better, that was a close call why did you cause that cave in?" Sheru failing to see the sarcasm responded back angrily, "what! me?! Your the one that.. oh never mind." A rumble was heard from the collapsed entrance of the cavern as Katrano bursted out of the ruined remains of his lair. The dragon crawled out from beneath the debris and looked to the sky stretching it's wings before acknowledging the others, "Well that was fun, now what? Back to the battle?" Sheru ignoring the dragons game suddenly remembered the nest, "What about the eggs?" The dragon looked back at the collapsed entrance, "Not my problem I'm afraid!" Sheru, in shock demanded an explanation, "Don't you even care about your offspring?" Katrano looked back at the prince, "I'm afraid even if I could salvage them I have no way of saving them, you can't dwell on the past they'll live new lives." Darnu begin walking to confront the dragon again, "I don't have a weapon, Do you still want to fight?" Sheru angrily snapped at the General to stop being an antagonist, then begun speaking with the dragon. "Katrano I see you like to battle, is this true?" The dragon cocked his head up, "Yeah nothing can stop me, it's in my blood." Sheru nodded, "There is a war going on at our homeland how would you like to battle all the beings you'd like, and help save our people in the progress?" The dragon briefly considered the proposition, "Okay I can use a new adventure within my life, and if your enemies are all as weak as your friend here then I shouldn't have any problems." Darnu and Sheru explained to the dragon the events leading to the war and the words of the mystic. The dragon nodded at the conclusion of the story, "Hop on to my back, I'll give you a ride just tell me the way." The dragon replied. The two adventures climbed onto the back of the dragon and the three of them took flight over the Lycona forest and passed the great falls beginning their journey back to the tower and besieged city where their allies waited for the resolution of the war.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back at the Tower: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile back at the Tower the main gates to the courtyard had been demolished and the Arconian forces were swamping the tower, the courtyard had become a battlefield as Arconian soldiers fought to break down the entrance to the tower, while other Arconian brigades begin to breach the tower by crashing in a small section of the wall, the majority of the Tycosian resistance had retreated to defend the upper reaches of the tower while the remaining fighters tried in vain to force back the raiding Arconian forces from entering the structure further, within the main hall of the tower flowed a river of blood as ancient statues of Tycosian hero's were shattered and centuries old treasures were burned and destroyed, Arconian soldiers massed to pursue the Tycosian resisters which begun barricading the upper levels blocking the great staircase to the higher floors. Meanwhile atop the fortress within the council chamber a messenger gave the grim news to his prince, "Prince Terado the Arconites have breached the main hall and have started towards the higher floors, we are currently falling back to the treasury on the third floor but they vastly outnumber or forces." The prince was uncertain what to do, he wished his father were still around to guide him, his leadership skills were far better then his own but alas he was in charge now, he said the only response he could, "Continue to fight we cannot give up, not yet." The guard saluted and returned to support his troops. Terado sat alone within the chamber, despairing the future, A counselor of his court soon enter the room, "Prince Terado there is no way we can win, this battle will be our last the Arconites have already reached the third floor, they'll be here soon! We have only two options A) We can retreat or B) We can Surrender." The young prince looked over to the coward who was once an elected advisor, "I choose C) We'll fight till the end. You may flee if you wish." The counselor looked oddly at his prince, "I do, Terado I apologize but you are a fool! You will lose this fight." Terado watched as his advisor fled the chamber through the secret passage climbing down to the lower levels in an attempt to escape. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope Arrives: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flying over the pristine waters of the Kelona lake Sheru and Darnu saw their besieged home in the near distance, "There is the tower I hope we're not to late" Exclaimed Sheru, At which point Darnu caught the dragons attention, "Okay Katranos when we get to the tower drop us off at the top and then kill anything that moves." "Does that include you?" The dragon asked mockingly, "Those are the outsiders that killed your mate" Sheru pointed out, the dragon nodded in response, "Ah yes, I understand now. Kill any thing that moves!" Meanwhile near the eastern side of the valley Rykuda and Cadesh also soared through the windy skies watching the green scene below as they flew high above the Rikanu plains. Rykuda got Veltrons attention and gave him directions, "When we arrive at Cycanthra set us down near the tower so we can protect the others." Cadesh looked over to his traveling companion, "I sure hope we made it back in time things were pretty bad when we left." The gold dragon begun to speak, "I see the tower ahead there seems to be a lot of activity outside, their appears to be more outsiders then your kind.." "Then we've got to hurry," exclaimed Rykuda. At the western side Katrano neared the battlefield, Sheru caught Darnu's attention, "There is a lot of fighting going on down there If we don't meet again I want you to know I enjoyed the journey." Darnu looked over to the forest prince, "Your too sentimental that is why I'm a warrior and your not, but still the best of luck to you when this begins." Katranos soared over the tower quickly landing on the foot of a high level balcony to allow his riders off. Meanwhile Veltron neared the tower, Rykuda continued with his instructions, "If you let us off near the back of the tower we can sneak in through the escape exit." The gold dragon nodded slightly "Okay I will," the gold dragon quickly dove towards the courtyard and landed near the back of the structure the duo quickly got off and entered through a false wall. The dragon thought to himself aloud, "I must see this battle won otherwise my children may have to fight as well someday." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Battle: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheru and Darnu arrived in the tower to see an all out war. As the remaining Tycosian resistance was slaughtered around them, Sheru looked around, "Are we to late!?" "No" responded Darnu, "We'll have to battle our way through the main chamber we'll have to get to Prince Terado and the others!" Sheru looked around at the surrounding chaos, "My archery will do little good in here". Darnu chuckled and walked a little ways picking up a blade from a dead Arconian soldier and handing it to Sheru, "Ever use one of these?" Sheru being a superstitious person was nervous and replied, "But that was his it may be cursed!" Darnu became angry, "Look around you this is a war, just take it and fight your way through we need to get to the council chamber!" Meanwhile Rykuda and Cadesh worked their way up the secret tunnel of the tower and Rykuda discussed their plan, "Okay we can take this passageway to the third floor but then we'll have to fight our way in." Looking out through a thin slit window they where surprised to see a large black dragon diving down upon a group of Arconites. Cadesha pointed at the spectacle, "Looks like the others made it here too, we have to get to the top and help." As the two continued to climb the stairs they saw ahead of them the fleeing advisor, Rykuda stood in his path, "Counselor where is Terado is he alive?" The advisor nodded, "The stubborn fool is in the main chamber but it's probably to late to save him now." "We have to hurry!" Exclaimed Cadesh pushing past the counselor the two soon arrived at the third floor of the building and begin battling their way towards the fourth floor alongside a large group of their followers. They eventually arrived at the fourth level where they were greeted by their remaining army and met up with their companions Sheru and Darnu, the group of adventurers continued a backward retreat with the resistance to an upper level of the tower, a portion of the resistance stood to guard the entrance while the council members and the remaining forces retreated into the main council chamber. Sheru quickly reported to Prince Terado, we have returned sire. The prince begun questioning Sheru, "Then you have come with reinforcements how many dragons have come from the two clans?" Sheru shook his head, "Sire when we arrived at Calakos we could only find one he is currently fighting outside". Rykuda quickly came forward to report as well, "Same here, we had arrived at Tyfone to find two dragons and some hatchlings the female had remained with the young and the male is battling outside." Terado lost hope at these statements, "You mean there are only two! The mystic said clans there should be more then that! He was wrong we are doomed..." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Dragons: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outside the Grand Tower the dragon Katranos begun his onslaught on the invading Arconites he thrashed through every platoon he could. The gold dragon watched in morbid amazement as this other dragon thrashed through one group after another. He then called out to the other dragon, "You fool there is no method in such an attack your going to get yourself killed!" The black dragon only played minor notice and quickly snapped back at the other dragon, "If you are here to help stop lecturing and start killing!" The gold dragon simply nodded, "Very well..." and begun attacking small isolated Arconites first diving upon a group which was attempting to enter the tower then focusing on the others shooting arrows at him from around the inner wall of the court yard. The black dragon caught the attention of the gold briefly, "Well I'm done with these weaklings I'm going after their camp so don't expect many more." The gold dragon stopped momentarily and glided while he considered the black dragons words, quickly responding to the other dragon, "Their camp will be well defended you're going to get killed." The black dragon begun to get angry and shouted back, "Hey if you keep watching me then your going to get killed pay attention to your own surroundings!" The black dragon begun diving down on one tent after another chasseing out any soldiers that had been inside then slaying them. The gold dragon circled around a couple times as he watched the other dragon leisurely hopping from one tent to the next, unfortunately as the gold dragon was not paying attention at the time he became an easy target and was ambushed by an onslaught of arrow fire he quickly dove upon the Arconites and easily defeated them but not before taking some heavy hits specifically a large sword wound across the scales of his abdomen. The black dragon on the other hand had destroyed the now deserted Arconite camp around the ruined city and had slain the soldiers who had stayed. He soon returned to the fortress area to find the other gold dragon bleeding heavily from its wound, "Seems as though you've taken quite a few good hits." Katrano exclaimed, The gold dragon simply stood up and responded, "I should have heeded your words, this wound is fatal I am going to attempt to enter the tower I will fight the Arconians as much as possible and aide our allies, then at least Veltras and my kin will know their father died a hero." The black dragon simply nodded, Fine I will stay here and finish off those who flee. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Finale: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There were few remaining troops left alive to fend for the Tycosian resistance, those who remained had fallen back towards the round council chamber near the top. Surrounded by Arconites Terado made his final order, "They have us cornered we'll have to fight!" Sheru looked to his comrades, "Lets get ready.." Through the sound of the blows against the chamber door Darnu responded, "My blade will protect us.. " Rykuda watched the chamber door collapsing, "My claws will feel there flesh..." Cadesh approached a position along side the others, "They will not get past.." The remaining Tycosian resistors lined up behind their leaders in wait.. Terado looked on, "This is it.." Darnu nodded, "It will end here.." Sheru nodded, "It's in fates hands now." No, Rykuda interrupted, "We make our own destiny!" The door to the council chamber shattered under the strain of the blows and the invading Arconite forces bursted in, the true battle begun in full. Sword against sword, claw against human flesh. Meanwhile the wounded dragon Veltron forced his way through the increasingly cramped fortress walls, killing all who stood in his path, he continued and with great difficulty arrived at the council chamber. Terado was caught off guard seeing the large reptile in such a place, "A dragon in here?!" "Veltron!" Shouted Rykuda, "He's injured" added Cadesh, The dragon looked to his allies, "This battle ends here, these are the remaining forces finish them off and your fight will be over.." The dragon begun to slash about at the enemies wildly while Sheru fought from a corner Cadesh was slain during the battle Darnu took a large injury to his arm attempting to shield Prince Terado from an attack, the battle continued both sides fighting fiercely though in a brief time period that seemed like forever Rykuda and the remaining Tycosian resistance had finished off the remaining Arconites. After the decisive battle the survivors took time to access the situation. The gold dragon Veltron had been slain as had their young Prince Terado. Darnu laid injured nearby, his arm wrapped tightly in bloodied rags, Rykuda went over to examine Darnu's injuries, "I tried to save Terado but couldn't for this I am sorry." Replied Darnu, Sheru came over as well, "It appears that Cadesh has been slain as well, but we have won, we have wiped out the Arconians and our land is safe again, thanks to the dragons and the mystic." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Empty Victory: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The battle had ended, the surviving Arconites had fled to unknown locations and the paradise, the Tycosian Valley was once again safe from outsiders. Sheru, Darnu and Rykuda returned to the refugee camps within the forest to report the victory only to find Lord Karfa and Terado's counselor leading the refugees. Sheru and the others told the group about the victory and invited them to return home. Nobody within the group responded, and Lord Karfa stepped forward, "We have decided not to go back to Cycanthra we will live out here in the woods and start a new life." "What about Cycanthra and the tower?!" Exclaimed Rykuda angrily, the counselor stepped forward beside Karfa, "That was the cause of this war in the first place, the humans desired our land, our treasures, let them have it we will live out here in peace from now on." Darnu became enraged and begin shouting, "Then what where we fighting for?! Hundreds of your people have died! Your prince died fighting for your homes, your land, your lives and your just going to abandon it?!" Karfa simply nodded, "It may seem cold but yes their sacrifice let us escape to safety, to build our new life here." The ex counselor begun to speak as well "Besides even if you killed them all, now that the Arconites know that our valley exists they will return for it someday, when they return there will inevitably be another war, we are to few and have lost to much to experience such loss again, another war can be avoided if we live out here in the shadows." Darnu couldn't believe what he was hearing, "So that's it then? This is the pride of Tycosa? Hundreds sacrificed their lives so that you few surviving cowards, the last remains of our proud culture could live out here hiding in the forest!? I should kill every one of you!" Sheru stepped between him, "Calm yourself, come let us go.. It is a victory yet an empty one I am sorry." Rykuda, Darnu and Sheru solemnly left the village heading towards a nearby meadow to regroup, shortly thereafter Katrano flew down to speak with the group, "I just took out the last of the Arconites trying to flee through a tunnel near Sycala, my duty is done I will be leaving now." Sheru turned and thanked the dragon then asked the plans of the remaining council. Darnu spoke first, "I am going to return to Cycanthra and attempt to restore our city, I'll see to it that our people's sacrifices were not entirely in vain." Rykuda nodded, "I shall go return as well our companions need proper burials and the city can be rebuilt, what will you do Sheru?" Sheru looked over, "I must return to my tribe." As the group spoke and recapped the cloaked mystic appeared before them arriving once again as if from nowhere. Sheru turned to the prophet and questioned the events that had occurred, "Great mystic what went wrong were our efforts in vain?" The mystic waved his pale hand in a peaceful manner, "Do not fear for you have won a great victory the war is not yet over, but do not worry your descendants shall see the war the way that it was meant to be. This land is entwined in the threads of Fate and its destiny is still to be woven. So carry on with your lives though your actions may seem meaningless now they will make all the difference someday.Your valley is a land of magic, the realm of dragons, stories for such lands do not end in vain, all actions have purpose and meaning, even within the worst tragedy can become a new door to hope." The End

Published:  10/13/2019