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Column: The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction
Author: Jafira

The Story of Tycosa (The Battle For Paradise) Background About Tycosa: Tycosa meaning Paradise was a large valley somewhere on Terraset it had mountains on all sides. and consisted of lakes meadows and forests the sky was usually cloudy which provided calm temperatures anyway it was populated with animal people or beastmen (demi humans for lack of a better word) similar to the ones seen on certain anime (Tries to think of which animes...) like Inuyasha or certain monsters on Yuyu Hakasho, Dragonball or... (Veltraz: he's trying to say Anthro humans = humans with animal like characteristics) oh yeah, Well anyway two hundred years ago they had a large empire in the center of the valley but human invaders from a kingdom north of the valley started a war and shattered the empire. The story sets off in the present. where a young explorer is searching for the ruins of this empire and finds a dragon egg. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: (Character Commentary) Dragon Trio: Well, here we are. We're the dragons from this story, and it will be told by us. Jafira: Time for intro's! I'm the green dragon Jafira Sunstrike Veltraz: I am Veltra Skyburn a yellow toned dragon. Koragus: And I am Koragus Nightwind (Aka Korageth, Koren, or Koragas) the dark dragon of Tycosa! Jafira: So who should start the story? Veltraz: I would say I should start. Koragus: No, I think I should, it's my story. Veltraz: Fine then you can do it. Koragus: With pleasure! Jafira: Not him! He'll ruin it. Koragus: Graa! Shut up, I'll do fine! Veltraz: Good, but first let me explain to them what it's about. Koragus: Ha, as if the humans would care I doubt other dragons would. Veltraz: (sighs) Korageth please don't interrupt, now then, we lived in a valley called Tycosa or it could have been Colosa we forgot, we believe the world was called Terraset. We were the only ones of our kind left in that particular region or area, you see for some reason the dragons of Tycosa migrated away from that region long ago, and in separate ways we three were left behind and forced to raise ourselves. Koragus: So we all grew up in separate parts of the valley. We eventually discovered each other then something happened. As it is my life, allow me to start with my earliest memories of these events. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hatchling: Justra (a young explorer who was half wolf) decided to explore the mountains of Calakos in hopes of finding treasure he had heard the legends of the great civilizations once built in the valley generations before his time he traveled up the slope for several hours when he found a small cavern he noticed it appeared to have at one time been bigger he thought he may have found what he was searching for he quickly lit a torch and journeyed in. He traveled deeper into the cavern until it ended in a large chamber toward the middle seemed to be a depression in the ground but nothing more. Dismayed Justra begin to leave when he noticed a crack near the wall with something wedged in it. Upon closer inspection he discovered it was a large egg "it couldn't be he thought to himself all the dragons fled the valley long ago" he pried the egg out carefully and carried it back to his village in secret. He wrapped the egg in blankets and after a few weeks he was amazed to find it was hatching. Justra watched as the egged hatched a small dark dragon. The dragon stared at Justra and Justra stood in amazement. Justra flinched in shock and amazement the hatchling had the hatchling just talked to him. Justra realized what was happening he quickly got the dragon food. That night Justra left the village in secret knowing the others of his tribe would not allow it to live. He raised it in a hut built near a clearing. feeding the dragon was hard but justra managed and when the hatchling seemed old enough Justra tried to teach it to fly by pushing it off the roof of the house after many failed attempts and a badly bruised tail the dragon got the hang of it. Justra taught the dragon all he knew and of the many secrets of the past the valley contained. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Legend: Koragus as the dragon begin to be called had grown quickly and he was soon able to fly and hunt his own food and even aid his friend in hunts several short years after they left the village of Cycanthra Koragus's journey begins. Koragus: Justra I was thinking I can't spend my life in this clearing forever. Justra: I know you need to fly to hunt to live you need adventure. Koragus: Those ruins you spoke of do you think they exist? Justra: of course they do hundreds of years ago we Tycosians had a great civilization but then the people from the north found our valley they claimed to have wanted to live with us but the greed and hunger for our land grew until a large war erupted although we won our numbers dwindled and our fortress and city were left in ruins the survivors abandoned the fort which they blamed for their woes they started over in the forests living in there tribes. Koragus: Why do you seek those remains? Justra: It was stupid of them to abandon their past because of the outsiders greed, I felt that if I could find the ruins we could rebuild them and bring glory back to Tycosa. Koragus: I will take you searching for them tomorrow, you can ride on my back and we'll fly over the valley something that important should be noticed easily from the sky. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Tower: The two had left the hut in the woods and have been flying for hours it was a good day to fly anyway. Koragus: We're leaving the woods what's beyond those plains? Justra: I didn't know there where any I've never left the forest and I never heard about any plains even from mount Calakos all you could see is forest. As the two flew over the woods a building could be seen in the distance. Justra: No way it couldn't have been that easy all that time searching the forests and it was right outside the whole time aargh I'm such an idiot! Koragus: (snickers) That you are! Lets go! As they near the large structure becomes more visible a large box like structure the best word for it was tower it was not a castle or a tower a large building similar to a small skyscraper surrounded by a wall, outside the wall where the remains of what seemed to be crumbling houses. the two landed outside the main wall of the fort. Justra: This is amazing no one could make a building like that we've got to go inside. Koragus: It feels like no ones been here for a long time. Koragus and Justra ventured into the main gates they found a courtyard overgrown with rotting vegetation a stream cut through the middle of the courtyard the entered the tower. upon entering they found a lobby to the left a hall and door and to the right a hall and door in the center of the room there was a stair case leading up higher into the fort. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inside the Tower: Koragus went into one of the doors. Koragus: Hey justra come here. Justra arrives to see a large open room with a large hole in the wall the walls and ceilings consisted of many fading murals and paintings. Justra: This might have been a ball room of some sort you can't really tell but what else could it be? Koragus: We should check the other side. Upon searching the other hallway they discovered a banquet hall a kitchen and a large waiting area upon nearing the stairs Justra noticed a door leading down unfortunately Koragus couldn't fit through later Justra told him there was a wine cellar and armory downstairs. Upon reaching the second floor they found a total of six bed rooms upon arriving at the third floor we found A library and what could have once been a treasure chamber because of sparse amounts of gold and relics on the old shelves on from this point koragus had trouble making it up the stairs on the fourth floor where a few more rooms and Koragus could go no further. Koragus: I can't fit up these stairs. Justra: I'll go on ahead. Koragus clambered back down the stairs and was able to get a good leap out of a balcony on floor two he found a way to the sixth or top floor and met Justra there. Koragus: I made it up. Justra: it seems this was a throne room at one time not much left some major battle must have happened here. We slept in the ruins for many weeks. I hunted and brought back animals for food. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Friend & A Foe: Justra: This place wasn't damaged as bad as the legends implied we could live here from now on! Koragus: So instead of living in a forest I live in a crumbling ruin hmph just some place else to be bored. That afternoon something was wrong. Koragus: Justra I think I can smell smoke. Justra looks out the window and sees a fire near the forests. Justra: My Village! Quick we have to go! Koragus: who would attack your old village? Quickly the two take flight toward the fire. Meanwhile in the Lycona Forest a dragon called jafira rests peacefully on his rock near his waterfall he had been in the forest as long as he could remember and hadn't seen another like himself for many years aside from one incident in his past. Jafira: I smell smoke... What is that!? Jafira looks up to see Koragus fly overhead. Jafira: Another like me I have to follow it!. Jafira takes flight after the other dragon. Meanwhile, Korageth and Justra arrive at Cycanthra to find it burned to ashes. Justra: No! who did this where is everyone! Koragus: I sense something in that building. Justra searches the rubble and finds four survivors under the wreckage two kids and two teens. We later discovered their parents sacrificed themselves to save the children from the fire and enemy's but they could not tell us who had burnt their homes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jafiris Lord of The Woods: While Justra begins burial of the bodies Koragus has a visitor. Jafira out of breath arrives in the village. Jafira: I've finally caught up with you! Koragus: What the this can't be Justra said I was the last one. Jafira: Last what? Koragus: All of the dragons left the valley long ago are there any others where you came from?! Jafira: I thought I was the only one here I've met a few villagers from this tribe but never knew there were others like me here. Koragus: Great but if your gonna stay one rule stay out of my way! Now then we can talk later do you know who or what did this? Jafira: No, Koragus: Damn. Justra returns to see Koragus conversing with the green dragon he runs over to find out what's going on. Koragus: Jafira introduce yourself! Jafira: I am Jafira I live in the forest of lycona near the great falls. Justra: I'm Justra I raised Koragus pleased to meet you. Koragus: What now? Justra: Koragus can you and Jafira fly the children to the ruins Koragus: Yeah we'll come back for you tomorrow. Jafira: Okay um kids don't be afraid where gonna take you someplace safe. The two dragons flew to the fort while Justra searched for clues. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jafira's New Friends: It's been several weeks since the disaster at the village Cycanthra Justra and the orphans are rebuilding the fort the crumbling walls are slowly repaired and the courtyard weeded trimmed and transformed back into a garden Koragus spends his time in the library getting into Justra's drinks while a tycosian girl read books for him. Meanwhile Jafira returns to help out in what little ways he can, he also explores more so outside his territory while hunting near some mountains near the eastern edge of the valley he unexpectantly meets another of his kind. A flash of gold moved quickly from the nearby mountain with a burst of wind jafira was tossed off balance upon landing he turned to meet his unseen attacker. A yellowish dragon slightly larger then him now confronted him. Yellow dragon: I am Veltraz these are the mountains of Tyfone, my home. What are you doing here? Jafira: I was exploring I didn't know! I thought me and Koragus where the only ones... Veltraz: Who are you? Jafira was a little nervous the other dragon was larger them him. Jafira: I am Jafira. Veltraz: and this Korageth is he like you to? Jafira: Yeah he's like me too he's a black one. Veltraz: So there are other dragons I knew they all couldn't have left take me to them. Jafiris takes Veltraz to the ruins veltraz alters the the air currents and it is a lot quicker riding on the wind they soon arrive at the fort. Veltraz: so you're rebuilding the ruins? Jafira: What Me? No, Koragus and his friends are rebuilding them. I live near the great falls of Lycona forest west of here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darkness and Gold: (Tycosian kid)--> Mikada: Kora! There are two other dragons outside! What exclaimed Koragus, Koragus hurriedly ran to the front gates. Veltraz: Are you Korageth? Yes I am koragus He exclaimed Veltaz stretched and begin to converse Veltraz: When the dragons left my family stayed behind I am the last one which is why I was surprised to see others in this valley how many more of you are here? Koragus: Just me and the green one. Jafira watched patiently whilst the others conversed he tried to explain to justra and the others about how he found Veltraz. Koragus begun to argue with veltraz and he thought now would be the time to leave he flew back to his quiet waterfall Ah the peaceful forest no troubles here he laid on his rock near the base of the falls and drifted to sleep. Meanwhile the others argued. Koragas: of course I'm gonna let them rebuild the ruins. Veltraz: You shouldn't many people died here, these ruins are sacred and are a tribute to the past they should be preserved as they are. Koragus: what? Listen! Their village was burned to the ground they'll be safer living here! Veltraz: If I didn't know better I would say you wanted it for yourself. Koragus: listen leaving it here to rot would be pointless I am gonna let them rebuild them and I will live in there and protect them. And then koragas thought to himself and In return they'll reward me. Veltraz: fine live in these shambles do as you wish! Koragas: I'm glad we could meet but stay out of my way you and the green one, I do as I please. I am the great Dragon Koragus lord of darkness and keeper of Tycosa! Veltraz: No you are the lord of ignorance and keeper of false hopes we shall meet again! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Character Intermission): (The Fun Starts Here!) Jafira: Koragus what the hell were you doing! Veltraz: He's right you're the worse writer in history! Koragus: What?! Jafira: what do you think your doing acting all humble in our story! That's not you, because you were a jerk, you tried to kill me when we met, you think of Justra and his friends only as servants and you think that tower was solely yours. What about Kytax and the things she read for you, what you learned and all the other stuff? Koragus: I didn't want to seem like an antagonist and as for everything else, it was irrelevant and I failed to see the need for an explanation. Jafira: You were probably just to lazy to write about it all, besides you needed help from some kid you as an animal couldn't read those books yourself. Koragus: As if you could?! Veltraz: Your lack of details wasn't all that was wrong, for an example what was with the < > in the begining when you spoke? Koragus: I spoke in telepathy. Veltraz: I know, but all you have to do is italicize it. Koragus: No! That symbolizes inner thought! Veltraz: Whatever just have us speak normally then. Koragus: I have been, besides I will edit it later. Jafira: Koragus your boring everyone and your writing skills are pathetic I'd be surprised if any one reads through chapter three! Koragus: I'm a good writer. Jafira: yeah good and boring it needs to be exciting. Koragus: But that's how I feel it happened. Veltraz: Its okay to stretch the truth a little to keep the story active. Jafira: and another thing when I met Veltraz we battled. Koragus: Oh please you call THAT a battle he used the wind to knock you out of the sky then he pounced you, that wasn't a battle. Veltraz: You still should have done our meeting in better detail. Koragus: Yeah like I was there watching while it happened. Jafira: Enough, I'm gonna write now, Koragus let me show you how to write a decent story. Koragus: you'll soon find It's not that easy. Veltraz: If you just take your time you'll do fine. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note from Veltraz: At many points our memory is blurry, we don't have full recollection of what really happened in Korageth's life, so we were forced to make up a few names and events. Koragus: I don't think they really care. Jafira: Nor do I, just get on with the story. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Graystrike Army: Months had passed and Justra was prided in his ability to shelter the youngsters he had saved and at how he had rebuilt his ancestors home but he was still greatly tortured by thoughts of vengeance who could have burnt his village who would have done such a thing and why? He wanted answers and those answers soon came. It was a normal day in Tycosa the thin cloud covering providing good shade and comfortable weather Koragus was asleep on the third floor where he choose for his lair. With a thick gust of wind Veltraz arrived at the fortress's gates Kytax one of the Teens noticed and called Justra. Justra: Veltraz we hadn't expected you to return this soon is something wrong? Veltraz: There is a large new town south of this tower near some woods I had never noticed before. Justra: What woods?! Veltraz: To the south I could take you if you wish. Justra rides on Veltraz over the burnt remains of his village Cycanthra to a new town. No, a large military camp! They land in the center and the human residents come out to greet their guests. Soldier #1: It's one of those furry freaks and a dragon! Soldier #2: I thought Dyaltros killed them all. Who are you people! Justra shouted angrily! Soldier #3: We are the Graystrike military platoons two and three sent by our ruler to conquer and colonize this valley, Anyone and anything that stands in our way is removed including villages we have arrived in force and will take the valley in full in an estimated twenty eight days, we suggest you flee there is nothing you can do even with that dragon. Justra in a rush of anger orders Veltraz to return to the tower Jafira is already there with Koragas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Hidden Tribes: Jafira is explaining a battle he had with intruders in his woods to Koragus when Veltraz arrives. The three dragons, Justra and the orphaned Tycosians have a meeting in the main chamber of the tower. Justra decided that he would avenge his villagers he would gather all the known tribes of Tycosa and use the fortress as the main front for the battle they'll surprise the enemy and defeat them when they arrive at the tower, Jafira then agrees to fly Justra to the hidden tribes. Koragus has his own plans he flies off to burn the intruders camp while Veltraz stays behind to watch over the tower incase of an early attack. Koragus arrives at the camp that late afternoon. Soldier #1: Look another dragon. Soldier #2: Ignore it we are invincible. Koragus: pitiful creatures get off my land! Koragus does a quick maneuver and turns back toward the camp Karagus: Die! Koragus blasts the tents and burns the camps stables horses run in every direction then he lands and slashes one of the Soldiers killing him! After doing a fair amount of damage the army begins to launch a counter attack and Koragus is forced to flee. Dyaltros: I will make that dragon pay for what he has done today! Dyaltros orders the construction of a sword invincible to magic and capable of piercing the thick scales of the dragon. Days later Justra has rallied all the Tycosians he could and they have set up camp behind the tower hidden in wait. Veltraz has agreed to help too. Jafira stayed at his falls where he thought he would be safe. One week after Koragus's attack the graystrike army had begun its march, its mission search out and destroy all and any remaining tribes and eliminate all obstacles. They soon come across Jafira at his falls Jafira fights to defend himself but Dyaltros the leader of the graystrikes used his thick sword to badly damage Jafira's wing he barely escapes and flees toward the tower to warn the others. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Battle for Tycosa: The next morning Koragus and Veltraz already aware of the coming attack create a powerful storm in hopes of deterring the invaders or atleast buying time. Alas that morning through the sound of thunder and stormy wind Dyaltros leader of the graystrike forces arrived to final the score stop the dark dragon and crush the Tycosian resistance. Koragus who had learned powerful magic put up a defensive barrier spell to protect himself. Dyaltros: Korageth get your scaly hide out here and prepare to die. Koragus: (From atop the tower) Ha so you braved our storm and actually came I thought after I burnt your villages that you would realize your kind is not welcome here! but then again, you humans Are an ignorant race and since your too stubborn to leave willingly I'm afraid I'll just have to kill you all. Dyaltros: Open your eyes there's only seven of you and there are hundreds of us you cannot hope to defeat our army. Koragus: We will not allow you to take our kingdom and we will fight to the end! Koragus looked down at the humans beneath him and laughed then he shouted "Come forth my army" Dyaltros responded "Hah some army as if your little animal friends could defeat us!. Koragus: Let me tell you a little secret they are just kids that I let live with me... I have every being in Tycosa at my side! Just then a Vast army of creatures comes forth from behind the fortress and stands to march. How did you amass such a powerful army?!...Very well it still won't be enough come my men Tycosa shall be ours charge! Koragus: Attack! And thus just as there ancestors had done hundreds of years before the people of Tycosa and the humans went to war over the hidden Paradise, the dark dragon Koragus the green dragon Jafiris and the thunder dragon veltraz led the Tycosians in a fantastic battle against Dyaltros and the graystrike military forces a battle that would decide who would reign over the hidden valley kingdom of Tycosa. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Justra's Sacrifice: And with a Crash of thunder the battle begun Koragus leapt from the tower and dived straight for dyaltros the archers shot at him but his barrier prevented injury (not that his body wasn't protection enough.) Dyaltros leapt out of the way just in time and drew his sword the enchanted blade of Rabos forged for the sole purpose of piercing the magic barrier and scales thus slaying Koragus. Meanwhile the injured Jafira unable to fly charged towards the battle field as quickly as he could. While Veltraz flew out of the sky sending lightning from the storm in all directions he landed on the battle field with a crash of thunder. Koragus: Everyone leave Dyaltros to me! Dyaltros: I wouldn't have it any other way! Justra looked to veltraz. Justra: Master we seem out numbered what should we do?! Veltraz: I'm not your master I'm an ally, a friend. The humans lack magic and cannot defend against it therefore any of your kinfolk with possession of magic should cast ice and lightning on the ones with armor and fire on the ones without it, Now quickly tell the others!" At this point Jafira arrives. Jafira: Veltraz I'm here where's Koragus?! I've got to warn him! Veltraz: warn him of what? Jafira: Dyaltros has a sword that can pierce his barrier! Veltraz: He's fighting Dyaltros right now! Justra: I'll warn him! Dyaltros: Get down here and fight me on the ground or are you to much of a coward. Koragus: I'll fight you down there and you'll get the death you should have got last time. Dyaltros: Well then we will see... Koragus: Nothing can pierce my barrier you can never defeat me I am the bane of your kind everywhere I am Koragus Nightwind lord and protector of Tycosa I am the most powerful creature in this world, and therefore you and your pitiful army don't stand a chance. At this point Dyaltros takes the sword and thrusts it at the dragons chest. Justra: Nooo! Justra dives in front of the blade and takes the blow. Koragus: Justra you fool!! He can't hurt me! what where you thinking! Justra: "No.. his sword can pierce you..." With this Justra dies. Karagas In anger!: Is that true Dyaltros?! Dyaltros: Yes this sword will kill you... you can run if you wish. Koragus: I will stay and defeat you and every creature here! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Trinity Battles: Koragus begins battle with Dyaltros he lounges forward with his claws but to avoid the blade he decides to keep some distance and whips with his massive tail Dyaltros quickly dodges this attack and takes this opening to strike Koragus slashing and badly wounding his tail. Koragus: ****ing human your going to die! Dyaltros: you lumbering fool your to big of a target you can't possibly hope to win like that! Meanwhile Veltraz and Jafira where having troubles of there own. Jafira was trying to flee the battlefield rather then battle with a broken wing. Jafira sends a silent message: All my allies please clear a path I'm injured! Jafira heads away from the battlefield but is unexpectedly struck in the chest by a thrown spear! Jafira enraged creates an illusion of fire down his mane Jafira: You pitiful creature! I was not part of this war but this can not go unjustified you will die for this. Meanwhile Veltraz flew up into the sky and viewed the battle from the air he watched as Koragus made one mistake after another in his battle with the graystrike general and Jafira struggled to escape. I should help thought Veltraz yet then again this fight has no concern for me and besides the tribes are putting up a good fight. hmm. Then Veltraz thought, I guess despite all better judgment I should learn to live a little besides my kind is the greatest on this planet I shall bring further honor to myself and my kind. Veltraz dives down and attacks a group of humans battling the Tycosians he then attempts to return to the sky's but a back attack prevents that from happening. Veltraz: If you were wise you would've ran. Veltraz then trips the soldier with his tail and slashes his startled victim. From this point Veltras is engulfed in the battle. Koragus on the other hand had found a weakness in Dyaltros's attack pattern for his sword was a two handed blade and took time to swing dodging the first few strikes Koragus used that weakness to deliver the finishing blow, slashing Dyaltros. Dyaltros realizing he has lost collapses to the ground. Thus with a triumphant roar he declares his victory this in turn gives the Tycosians the will to fight harder. Koragus thus joins in chassing off the remaining forces. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The End?: Suddenly Dyaltros staggered back into the battle and on to a certain unsuspecting dark dragon Dyaltros: I'm not dead yet! with this he stabs Koragus near the chest and dies. After another hour the battle is won in the favor of the Tycosians the three dragons had each suffered deadly wounds and were placed in the courtyard of the fortress. Tycosian chief Karfa: we owe you three so much if not for your actions and those of Justra we may have lost. Veltraz: Just remember our deeds in the legends of your tribes and should the others of our kind return tell them of our deeds. Koragus: Veltraz your not dead yet you can't give up. Jafira: He's right we have to live there must be a way. Tycosian chief Karfa: Jafira... your wing is broken and your wound open and fatal, Veltraz slashed repeatedly your back open and wide, and Koragus your tail half gone and you struggling to breath... It seems the fates have want for you to die together the last of the dragons in Tycosa. Jafira: We won't die we can't were too...your right.. we are dying.. Veltraz: We served our purpose the Tycosians have a new home and are safe from further threat we are heroes. Koragus: Veltraz you fool we can't die what if they return. Tycosian chief Karfa: No magic in our possession is strong enough to save you. Koragus: No! If we are to leave this world today we will find a magic there must be a way! We will find a way back here no matter what! We will return someday... Veltraz: Koragus you really are a fool alas you are right if we die today we might find a way back. Jafira: I... Koragus Veltras you two are right we will return someday. Tycosian Chief Karfa: Just remember no one has ever returned from the dead but the thoughts and actions are what make you true heroes should evil return we will remember your sacrifices and fight in your memory. That night the last of the Tycosian dragons died but their memory would live on and who knows maybe they will return someday. The End? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Commentary After The Story: (Oh Gods Why do I do these things...) Koragus: Dyaltros?! what kind of name was that?! and the blade of Rabos?! Your not creative at all are you?! Jafira: Your right, claws aren't good for typing... I'm no better at it then you were this must be the worst story ever! Koragus: I agree, but remember, you wrote most of it. Veltraz: What are you talking about? If were gonna blame anyone for the low quality of the writing it should be you! You wrote the first few chapters and they were awful. Jafira: Yeah at least I had some action unlike your version. Koragus: The point of the story was to tell about my life and our origins and we achieved it right? Jafira: yeah I guess so, despite it's low quality it served its purpose. Veltraz: Korageth stop trying to sound smart that's my job! Jafira: ^,=,^ I hate you all! Koragus & Veltraz: Shut up Jafira! Jafira: Eeek, Don't kill me! 0,=,o' Veltraz: as for the Story we can edit it and fix it later but for now lets relax. Jafira: Okay cool all this typing makes me tired. Koragus: Argh, sheesh I'll need about half a gallon of Coca Cola to forget about this. Jafira: As will I. Veltraz: (sighs in frustration) He's a hypocrite, at the beginning of this stupid story he seemed excited... hey! where'd they go? Don't they care about anything but food? Why am I stuck with such Idiots! End

Published:  10/13/2019