Arrogant Dragons (2005)

Column: Otherkin and Draconity Advice
Author: Jafira

Arrogant Dragons By Mojo LaHojo. Primarily Targeted to Dragon Spiritual Beliefs Note: This was written at a far younger age while the head had no sense and mouth had no tact. The fashion in which these views are expressed are disagreeable to me, the author, at this point in time, but the main ideas behind them, though expressed poorly, I still support. It's somewhat common now to find people running around saying they are dragons, and that is fine, there are also people who strongly believe they are dragons, and that is fine, but when people decide to use it as an excuse to act like superiors over other people, that is when I come in with my black stick to sort things out, and maybe knock some marbles back into people's heads. This isn't all that common, or it may be concentrated to certain areas of the dragon community, but it does happen, and although I haven't had the pleasure to meet and sort out these types of people, others have had to, and there is also a chance you, the reader, may act in this way, but I won't get harsh on you if you are willing to learn. Now, the biggest issue, that I see, is dragon walks into general room, sees a human, and begins speaking about how horrible that person and humanity is and how superior the dragon(s) is/are for simply being a dragon and not a human. The beautiful thing is that even if they are a dragon, they are in a human body, with a physical human brain functioning with physical human neuron pulses, which means they have the great option of human psychology applying to them, with all its perks and flaws. This basically means that although you may be a dragon in spirit and in mind/personality, you process sensory information like a human and have the same preprogrammed reactions to stimuli as an average human. Unless you claim to be a dragon but we just see a human form because of us being humans, which is absolutely silly and I hope I don't need to explain that. Now, as our dragon in a human body and with a human brain continues speaking about all the flaws in the human race and the person they are speaking to, it may become apparent they are simply spewing out some load of crap that has little true basis and is pretty generalized while having limited "real" information to back it up. The end result is the same where that specific dragon is smug with himself for finding so much biased and generalized information while the person, for the most part, can't respond with arguments because you can't argue misinformation. What you can do is give the smug one a smack over the head (they won't listen to you otherwise) and calmly explain why he is such a fool for thinking up such crap. Examples and my personal views on them below: Humans are harming the environment: We know, but go tell it to somebody with power (they listen to a lot of your type) rather than the individual you just happened to come across as they probably already try and do more than you are through actions rather than complaints, and focused actions at that. Humans are weak: Well, they were designed for survival like any other creature, and they seem to be surviving quiet well with technology. (Though I find most people, of North America do diddly squat when left alone in a forest) Dragons are superior in every way: Maybe in your reality, but, as unfortunate as it is that humans decided to kill all/most of the dragons, they happened to think themselves superior as well and that is what lead to them deciding they got to rule whether or not dragons lived. So basically, you didn't learn enough history to realize that acting like this is what leads to you being disliked and hunted down by individuals who think themselves superior as well. Stop going in a loop or stop causing trouble, please. Well, those are the main points. As said, I haven't come across these sorts of people so these are just guesses, but I can add other points to it. Some things are not to be argued but accepted, but with those, one must see the other side of it, and understand how it applies to all parties and what can be done to make things better. Honestly, this bickering is what causes conflicts to arise because you are representing those you claim to be, and they don't have time to bring down all imposters. When you act like a fool while claiming to be superior to somebody, you cause serious damage to relations between the party you claim to represent and the party you are speaking to. Pretty much it, so far. Things will probably be edited for content and/or information but this will be the basic idea/structure. Please think about this and contact me for questions, but don't you dare say something nasty then run off, as I promise to hunt you down and skin you alive, be you human, dragon, or anything else. Good day to everyone and have a happy life. ~Mojo LaHojo

Published:  10/13/2019