Jafira's Meditation Method (2014)

Column: Otherkin and Draconity Advice
Author: Jafira

(In response to a letter sent regarding a spiritual state of interconnectiveness) I have felt such a few times in the past, but as I've aged and life has progressed it has become harder for me personally. I cherish every opportunity I have to reach that state of attunement, it truly is a form of bliss to be aware of all that is and can be. In regards to how to obtain such, I am afraid that it is impossible for me to give an exact method to become closer to your spiritual self. It is really impossible for me to answer accurately because for every person it is different. I can only speak from my own experience, due to the nature of spirit and self, I cannot state with any certainty an absolute answer to your question. For myself It was always through a form of meditation or trance that I devised. It was what worked for me, it was my own personal tool. I knew I was a dragon, and I wanted to try to learn more so I created a meditation that would allow me to speak to my own spirit. I created for myself a personal symbol or sigil to represent my inner self. I would go in to a silent room, (sometimes I had meditative or instrumental music) I would close my eyes and visualize on the darkness, I would imagine my sigil glowing in the darkness, the symbol would slowly and gently pull my spirit from my body into that space, I would be out of my body, outside of physical reality, detached from physical self I would appear as a dragon, I would feel my tail, claws, wings, horns, I was a dragon. I would open my eyes in the vision and the darkness would fade into aura's and clouds consisting of endless strands of energies. I would perceive that I was existing simultaneously as and within my own spirit. I would be speaking to my spirit as a part of it and that all its forms memories and knowledge would be accessible to me in that state. In this space I was free from my body and my mortal consciousness with its fears, insecurities, inequities and trivial or egotistical pursuits. Visualizing myself as this spirit within itself in this detached reality, I could ask myself questions, and get an honest answer. I was disassociated from mortal judgement and as spirit was connected with the universality of all things. It was in these trance states that I felt that I could ascend to an unbiased outside perspective of self. That I could speak directly to my higher self or spirit. I could ask in my mind any question, if my spirit knew it from its bountiful knowledge it would answer in kind, unbiased and brutally honest. But that was only my method, for everyone there is a different or unique path, what worked for me may not work for you. I would often go into that visualization and come out in a sort of trance where I would often type on my computer spiritual information/advice about myself from an outside perspective, spirit looking out. I would recommend trying out different paths until you find the one that helps you connect best on an emotional or spiritual level. Some alternative methods to getting closer to your spiritual self may be found in spending time in nature, relaxing or questioning yourself while listening to emotionally powerful music that may appeal to you, searching through meditation, possibly through reiki or chakra work, through prayer, through expressing yourself with art and creativity or simply by continually sensing and seeking to know that part of your spirit. I hope some of this may have been of help. ~Jafira Dragon

Published:  10/13/2019