Tumblrkin Rant #2 Introspection (2015)

Column: Otherkin and Draconity Advice
Author: Jafira

I am extremely upset by what I see on tumblr's Kinfessions page. The lack of self introspection and purveyance of assumption is sickening. I reiterate I am under no circumstance a role model for otherkin, but come on! Case in point, a recent post along the lines of "I was Odin, I know this because I need all of everyone's attention" does not amount to a rational introspection of ones spirit or self. If Odin were here he'd spear this kid for making such deluded claims. You know nothing of this deity, what claim have you to his soul? I am new to tumblr, but I really feel the need to contribute some self doubt and questioning when it comes to otherkinism. For myself being otherkin wasn't some trophy I waved around trying to seek awareness and support for. When I awakened I wasn't making up my kin type to be more personalized or more relevant then my peers. I just was, otherwise if I made it up I would totally be a hydra, because they're my favorite dragons or I would become fictionkin Flammie because I love how she's a dragon ball of fluff! But its not a choice and I awoke a boring black dragon based off available evidence. [img]http://www.jafiradragon.com/flammie.gif[/img]-- I'd love to be this dragon! #Flammie-Fluff In the past I was terrified by my beliefs and I didn't know others even existed. I spent most of my life fighting against the sensations that I was dragon'ish. I knew it was an unnatural sense of self and I knew it was an oddity from a very young age. I kept it private and I constantly attacked the belief. Whenever I fully disavowed the idea I would become miserable like a part of me died, whenever I accepted it fully without question I'd ignore facts and life in favor of delusion. I learned that a balance of self doubt is mandatory in otherkinism. For example: "I perceive I was a dragon. I cannot prove this, I base it off a faith in reincarnation, I cannot prove reincarnation. I am therefore Required to be agnostic. I love dragons and respectfully identify with them, but I must fully live this life and try my best to be a real person." This is the proper mannerism for an otherkin to have, not making bold claims or absolutes and no assumptions of truth or superiority. Particularly to Fictionkin, Factkin, Galaxykin and Dietykin, I assert that you were neither a god, character or conscious awareness of a galaxy, what evidence do you have? You can't just turn sixteen, stumble on to the subject of otherkin, pick a persona and claim it truth! Self generated identity does not make one an otherkin, you earth that word through years of introspection, doubt and growth. Otherkin is far more in depth and self critical then a personal identity you choose during puberty. Its something you figure out on your own and work through over tense years of ups and downs. It is a part of ones inner self, not a culture or way of life. If you lack evidence please just play it safe and be a furry. The kin culture here lacks any critical analysis and allows for an embarrassing amount of delusion and assumption to blanket the real thing. To see who is really an otherkin, check back in four years and see who's still posting, don't base their validity on popularity, but on the value of their views and growth.

Published:  10/13/2019