Tumblr kin Rant #1 General admonitions (2015)

Column: Otherkin and Draconity Advice
Author: Jafira

-----------------Due to the excessive length of the rant in question (five word pages) the text can not be posted to this particular page. ----------------- :-) Tumblr really pissed me off that night.. :-x Please click here to read my textual rampage: http://jafira.tumblr.com/post/128334629555/rambling-tumblrkin-sjw-admonition :oops: Please click here for my attempt to walk it all back.: http://jafira.tumblr.com/post/128398679020/re-my-rant-on-tumblrkin :lol: Fun times..

Published:  10/13/2019