Halloween- My Paranormal Experiences (2015)

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Author: Jafira

:oops: Note: Save yourself some trouble and skip this post, I assure you that there is nothing of substance, I just felt like sharing some short stories for Halloween. It is a bit too late to write this as Halloween just ended, but I really wanted to share something for the holiday even if it is a day or month belated. The following is a brief timeline of possible paranormal experiences from my past. When I was about six I saw a doppelganger of a friend while camping. My family and a friend were sitting around a campfire talking in the mid evening while I went hiking up a hill near our campsite. While climbing I was suddenly surprised to see my friend a short distance ahead of me up the hill. He would pop out of behind a tree and smile or wave at me. After I would run full speed to ask how he beat me up there I would see him again farther up behind a different tree. I never saw him running, its as if he teleported. As I climbed chasing him he would always be randomly leaning out and smiling at me from nearby trees. When I eventually looked back down at my campsite from where I was on the hill I realized that my friend was still sitting down at the campfire with my family I panicked and ran back to them. When I was about six I and my family saw a ufo above the ocean while visiting Puerto Peñasco Mexico, it looked like a large glowing reddish/pink ball of what looked like flying liquid and would hover over the sea, blink off and then reappear a distance away. It hovered and blinked around for about fifteen minutes until it vanished. As a kid I was convinced it was some kind of firework as I didn’t know any better. Today I would describe it as some kind of ball lightning or flying ball of amorphous plasma. Throughout the first six or seven years of my life I would see a shadow man standing in my closet, doorway or near my window, I didn’t know what it was and nobody else could see it. I called this shadow “The Stealer” which was my childish word for bad guy and was the closest word that I could comprehend for a scary intruder at that young age. Because I would see it watching me try to sleep I would never sleep in my own room. This shadow stopped visiting after we replaced the house on our property. I had forgotten about this boogieman until I was reminded of it by my parents in my mid 20’s. When I was very young I had a friend about a block from my home who moved away and who’s house became abandoned. When I turned ten years old I had a birthday party and during the party had asked all the kids in attendance to hop on their bikes and follow me to the abandoned home. As a personal gift I wanted to retrieve an old toy that I had hidden in the properties storage shed before they moved. When we arrived at the driveway of the home my friends all got scared and ran back to my house. I ended up going into the backyard alone to retrieve my old toy. I failed to find it and begun walking back to my bike in the drive way. The backyard of this abandoned home had a large water holding tank and as I passed by it I heard an adult female voice gently say “Come in” I freaked out and ran home to my friends. I told them the story but couldn’t convince anyone to come back and investigate with me. When I was about twelve years old, I had a collection of ninja turtle action figures, I lined up all the hero’s and their vehicles on one side and all the villains and their vehicles on another side. I was prepared to have a mock war of sorts but was ordered to go to sleep as it was late. So I left my toys positioned in their battle lines and went to bed on the top bunk of my bunk bed. I was awoken late at night by clacking sounds, looking down I saw what appeared to be my toys moving on their own. I panicked and jumped out of bed landing on and kicking them as a form of defense during my perceived escape. I had my parents come back to investigate, the toys were scattered where I kicked them and I was told I had a dream and sent back to bed. It never happened again,. In my late teens between 2000-2003 I entered the escapism stage of my otherkin beliefs and started doing “inter dimensional gateway” experiments out in the nearby desert in the hopes of opening some kind of portal “home” or to somehow draw out magical energies and shape shift into a dragon. After a few years of failure I gave up. However on one unique night I took my cd player and a broad sword for a late night walk to my little circle of stones in the desert. It was November 11th 2003, that night I had a temper tantrum that it was all make believe and destroyed my circle of stones alongside my makeshift staff and everything nearby. As I started to leave the location a fast paced song started on my cd player, so I grabbed my sword, ran back and aggressively stabbed the center of the circle while pretending to draw all the energy out of the location powering up like a DragonBallZ character would, about that exact moment while screaming made up words and tensing up my body in the middle of the ruined circle next to my sword I was startled by a deafening explosion occurring about thirty feet above me. I stood there in shocked silence for a second and ran home freaking out repeating “oh god what did I just do!?” Starting about the time of the sky explosion in late 2003 I got various EVP recordings from the location where the event had occurred. The assorted Electronic Voice Phenomena from that location and my phones answering machine are located in this link: http://www.jafiradragon.com/Evp.htm The best I could assume was that in my delusional experiments and resulting tantrum I had inadvertently ripped open a spiritual doorway of sorts. All phenomena abruptly stopped in 2007. One of the freakiest EVP’s I ever got was The God’s sequence. I was walking a friend home during a thunderstorm and in a sugar rush was shouting at the top of my lungs that the gods approve of my experiments whenever a lightning bolt would strike nearby. When I played the recording back of me shouting the words “The gods approve” a voice appeared in an odd second of silence and said “dickfucker, no I didn’t!” About a month later, I got a bizarre phone message consisting of a minute of gibberish. This bizarre message started off with a screech and a garbled version of the voice screaming “dickfucker”. I put a side by side isolated comparison of the two separate EVP’s here. The first is the garbled version of the voice from my answering machine, the second is the original voice from my walk during the storm: http://www.jafiradragon.com/Profane-Insult-Comparison.mp3 In the spring of 2006 I destroyed any trace of the circle of stones where the EVP’s were coming from in hopes of finally being done with such and moving on. I went to sleep normally that night and approximately 5:30am in the morning I was awakened by a deafening sound that I can only describe as a hybrid of a car break screeching, somebody scratching a chalkboard, a woman screaming and some kind of high pitched animal cry with lots of reverb, it was as if all of those sounds combined as one. I jumped straight awake from the unworldly cry and saw to the left of me a cloaked entity. It was like the classic grim reaper only with darkness under the hood where its face would be. As I jumped awake and looked at it, it flew incredibly fast sideways into one of my walls, I grabbed a weapon and ran out of my room chasing it into a living room on the other side of the wall that it went through, but the entity was gone. In fear I stayed awake and restored my circle of stones first thing when the sun rose. In my college days I had numerous odd encounters with sleep paralysis during the years between 2004-2007. During one I heard demonic mocking laughter, during another I heard a static white noise sound that became louder to the point of being deafening and then abruptly stopped, a third had me waking up to a cat on my chest frozen in an angry hissing position, the rest of the occurrences (and there were many) were just sleep paralysis without any strong hallucinations or sounds. Between the years of 2004-2007 I had several recurring lucid dreams of exploring and surviving in a post apocalyptic version of my town which had been devastated by an alien invasion of some sort, the odd thing was that it seemed these dreams were an alternate reality. When I would have them it’d be like I’d blink and be in this alternate self’s body. People would ask me questions and react like I belonged there or I would poof into the dream in the middle of alternate me doing things and would have to finish his job or determine what the heck he was doing before I arrived, usually it seemed that he was scavenging supplies. These dreams like everything else stopped in 2007. In late 2007 I was called outside to look at a strange star above our house, looking up I saw a very distant star in the sky, this star was sliding back and forth north and south. It eventually stopped moving, then it “dropped” another star out from underneath it. The star that it dropped fell down a little ways and then they both stopped moving and stayed completely still like normal stars. I got a strange phone call from caller id: “36” on the date 12/12/12. The call came while I was driving to work, I turned down my radio and answered to silence, I said “hello” twice and then heard a beep and a recording of myself saying hello before the other end hung up. I never understood what it was about, but I found it odd that the call number was the sum of the date that I received it on. That’s it. As far as I can immediately recall, not a damn thing of real paranormal interest has happened to me since 2007, so I guess aside from my odd beliefs I have been “normal” for eight years or so now. Thanks for reading if you did!

Published:  10/08/2019