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Tyraku's Story Part 4 (2002)

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The Story of Tyrakus Draclow!

The Betrayal:

It was another summer day in the mountains of Sycala deep within these mountains lived a small clan of dragons they were few but powerful elsewhere near the mountains were a growing number of human colonies. The dragons lived in secret not wanting to fight with the humans if it could be avoided they were peaceful and knew that starting a battle would decrease their already waning numbers, besides they realized long ago that for every human they killed ten more would take their place they were like ants you could slaughter them all but they would soon be back with more numbers. So rather than fight a pointless battle they went into hiding. This is the kingdom of Arconia!

Our story starts off with two young dragons Tyrakus Draclow and his ally Caloka Blackwing They were young they were arrogant and they didn't like the peaceful life underground they wished for adventure They hated hunting only at night and wanted to fly the windy skies beyond the mountains. They plotted against the clan and planned to drive out the humans and take back the lands they're ancestors called home, the two dragons begun plotting a rebellion against the humans.

Alas they're plans where discovered, Caloka and Tyrakus where soon facing banishment from there home. it was at this point that Caloka and the other rebels betrayed Tyrakus and placed the full blame upon him. Tyrakus betrayed and saddened did little to defend himself and accepted his fate, Tyrakus was betrayed by his allies and rejected from his home he left that night to destinations unknown.
Watch My Power Grow!:


Tyrakus flew through the night skies he didn't know were he would go as long as it was far from the caverns, far from the memories. "This is all because of those damned humans... he thought to himself And how could the others betray me like that! Someday I'll have vengeance on them all! I will train myself to become more powerful then all of them! They're stuck in those caves I have much more space to hone my skills now! Hah! I'll kill off the humans and then return to my home take care of the rebels who did this than I'll talk to Caloka, I'm sure the others put him up to it he would never had betrayed me. With the humans gone I will surely become A member of the dragon council and have the glory that I rightfully deserve! Or maybe I'll just kill them too, they don't need a council I shall be there leader Tyrakus Draclow lord of Dragons."

Tyrakus drifted most of the night with visions of vengeance and power, he soon forgot his sorrows and now had new ambitions. "The sun will rise soon I should find a place to hide." he thought to himself. He soon found a safe place to land, behind a mountain was a small meadow, a creek ran through it though he could not find it's source, within this meadow was a rocky outcropping surrounded by tress, a very shady area where he could fit beneath the shade comfortably, that is where he often slept.

He lived in this area for many years. He spent this time practicing attacks and honing his skills, he explored new lands and had many experiences he grew wiser and stronger by the day.

An Old Friend:

After many years had passed he saw a familiar shape fly overhead, another dragon. Upon realizing this he called out from his hiding place and the other soon landed. It was a dragon from his clan, Triyan goldensky. Tyrakus had many questions for her. "Are you the banished one Tyraku Draclow?" asked Triyan, "Yes I'm Tyrakus," he replied. Triyan looked at him, "I am surprised to find your still alive, the humans are swarming like locusts in these parts." Tyrakus thought for a sec, "I've noticed no humans in this area. they are to the east of here. Aside from that what is going on at home?" questioned Tyrakus. Triyan looked back to their homeland, "Not much has changed from the time you departed, there is little prey remaining so we are seeking new hunting grounds that is why I'm this far away."

"What of Caloka and his allies." asked Tyrakus. Triyan knew what he met, "They still meet in secret many believe they are still up to something but no-one has raised a claw to stop them and the council seems not to notice." Interesting, thought Tyrakus to himself. Triyan looked towards the horizon, "The sun will rise soon I should return." I understand replied Tyrakus, Triyan begun to take flight when Tyraku looked to her, "Triyan tell no one you saw me and do not return I am but a ghost now nothing more then a memory which must be forgotten I am dead to them.." Triyan looked back at him, "I understand Tyraku you have grown strong come what may I beseech you stay safe." Tyraku looked back, "That I shall yet you must return the favor!" He replied.

Tyrakus watched as Triyan returned to the moonlight skies, as she returned to the friends he once knew. Tyraku begun to long for his old home though it was boring and confining it was safe he had friends family and though he did not realize it then, he was happy. Now he had freedom and though he had grown strong and wise he had no friends no one to talk to and was becoming very lonely.

Learn To Be Human:

As time passed the human establishments grew closer to his lair soon he would no longer be able to keep his location secret. "I'm not strong enough to stop them yet he thought to himself." But then he devised a plan, when the time comes rather then run away and search for a new lair he would take the form of a human and find their weaknesses, he would then wait until the time was right and exploit those weaknesses and use them to his advantage to defeat them all. "Ah human scum your time has come" he thought to himself. "I shall stop you, and I shall be the hero of the dragons! You humans are a threat to the planet itself I shall not only be the hero of dragons I shall be revered around the world for my deeds I shall hunt you all down myself just as I had once planned those many years ago!" He vowed to himself.

Time passed and the humans inevitably reached points close to his hideaway at which time he choose a human form a skill taught to him by the elders of his home. When he used it he would revert back every fifteen hours but felt that he would be safe despite that limitation.

Upon changing to this new form he spent a few days in his clearing mastering the new form he found it difficult to balance on two legs especially lacking his long tail, after mastering movement first walking then running and lastly jumping he started practicing speech no longer being able to communicate the way he once had before, he had to teach himself to talk verbally which took a long time and he still found that he had much trouble with it plus an annoying lisp when he said his S's, luckily the language spoke there had few.

A New Life:

When he felt he could do all that he could to prepare he journeyed towards the humans town. "Hey there traveler where do you hail from lad?" asked a tall man near one of the buildings. "My name Is Tyrak I come from lands far from here I shall need to stay here for a while can you help me?" Replied Tyrakus. "That's an odd accent you've got there an odd name too mind if I call ya Ty?" Oh by the way my names Graf. "Ty shall do fine, now back to business I am new to this region and need some help." Replied Tyraku. The stranger called Graf showed Tyrak around the town, He showed him the pub, the Inn, the marketplace and a few other areas.

"Ty, If your going to be staying a while there is a farmer that could take you in, you'd have to work in the fields though." "I am okay with that," Replied Tyraku. Tyraku lived in the farmers barn and everyday he had to work, the food he was fed was very little (for a dragon) he hated the work he had to do, this was no place for a dragon everyday he did the work he would always mutter to himself "I hate my job I shouldn't be here!" Even though his form was human he still was stronger then the others.

He could have left at anytime but wouldn't He would always remind himself "I am a dragon I'm better then them I will not quit." At night he would go to the pub and listen on conversations. He in time became used to this life when he was tired or angry he would revert back and fly around on starry nights, but he slowly begun to make friends in the town, realizing how hard the humans lives where his hatred towards them begun to dissipate.

New Views:

Then came that one afternoon. He was in the pub resting when an Arconian soldier burst'd in to the building out of breath. "Our group (gasping) We where exploring the Sycala mountains when we found a large cave, there where dragons there, at least a fifty or more of them, we turned back and fled but a large black dragon came and slaughtered the others, I'm the only one who escaped!" "We must do something, curse those dragons!" shouted one person. "We should unite with the other towns and kill them before they come after us."

"Maybe there was a mistake why would a dragon attack unprovoked?" asked Tyraku, one of the towns folk looked to Tyrakus, "Ty your a traveler and new to this region but dragons are pure evil they wish only to kill others and take our land, they will kill without remorse for they have no feelings no hearts, they're just mindless reptiles how they developed the skill to communicate we may never know, but I'm sure they only use it to taunt there next victim before death They are cold blooded merciless monsters. If we don't stop them they will kill again, they will destroy each town until there are none left then burn the land asunder until nothing remains but ruin!" exclaimed the villager.

"No!" argued Tyrakus, "The land that I came from humans and dragons could coexist, the dragons there were a lot like you, they had feelings they had love and friendship they were wise creatures with libraries of stone and powers beyond imagination, they cared only about protecting the planet and it's creatures they would help any human who asked and would only attack if severely provoked." "If such a place exists how come no ones heard of it?" Demanded the villagers, Tyraku replied "Because it is a hidden land where only the pure of heart may reside!" "Then how come you did not stay?" "Because I was banished, I felt hatred towards the dragons and was against peace." Responded Tyraku, "And yet you will defend them now?" asked a villager. Tyraku replied "Yes these two races can live in peace, I will fight for that."

Tyrakus got off his bar stool and left the room. "Maybe we should consider a truce with the dragons if what the boy says is true it may be worth a shot." Discussed the townsfolk amongst themselves, It was decided that the next morning they would vote whether to attempt a truce or go to war, The message was sent to all the other towns and to the capital of Arconia, for the next day would determine that worlds future.

The Plan Begins:

That night was the last night Tyraku spent in the town fore it was the last night that the town stood. It was a few hours after the feud in the pub Tyraku was contemplating the events of the day when a cry was heard. "Dragons! They've come to attack! Aaah!!" "What the!? It couldn't be!" Tyrakus thought, then he remembered the plan he had made with Caloka "We will wait until the time is right then burn the towns one by one until the threat is gone!" "Oh no! The humans finding the grand cavern must have been the moment he was waiting for! It must be... It must be Caloka Blackwing!" Tyrakus ran outside to find a scene of total mayhem as Colaka and his rebels burned and thrashed the town.

Graf ran up to Tyraku "Were these the dragons you spoke of?!" "No" exclaimed Tyraku "Those are the dragons You spoke of! The Dragons I know are different! Take as many of your people as possible and flee, I shall try to stop them!" Yelled Tyraku before turning to the group of dragons "Caloka!" Shouted Tyraku! Their leader Caloka stopped and perched upon the burning remains of a building, "You dare to speak my name human?! How do you know it!" demanded the dragon, Tyraku reverted to his true form, shedding the human skin to reveal his silvery form, "I am Tyrakus Ocora Draclow, It's been years since we spoke, I see you haven't changed much.. smirked Tyraku," "What are you doing coinciding with the enemy?" demanded Coloka. Tyraku looked up at his old friend, "I have learned much in my years away from home I can see the hearts of beings and yours is still as black as coal. I've learned and experienced things you will never know! The others having you betray me was the best thing to ever happen!" Replied Tyrakus.

With a laugh Caloka sneered, "Hah! As if those fools could order me to do a thing! At the time you were weak you could be sacrificed to buy the rebellion time to gain more allies. We now have All the power, we could overthrow the council at anytime we wish so they wouldn't dare interfere, on this day are war begins, we will purge the threat to our land, we will annihilate the humans now! Tyraku you have grown strong join us and we will have victory together just as we had dreamed, we will be the leaders of this world!"

No Peace To Come:

"Caloka!" Shouted Tyrakus, "I can convince the humans and dragons to coexist there is no longer a need for this pointless feud!" "Hah!" smirked Caloka, "As if any dragon would live aside humans." "I have.." Replied Tyraku, "The humans have much harder lives then we do, unlike us they must struggle to live. Humans and dragons are a like in one manner there are some evil and some good, but both sides seem only to focus on the evils of the other If we look for the good in others we could make it work!"

"Tyraku you truly are a fool." Snickered Caloka "I can't even imagine what the humans have done to your weak mind over the years, your no longer one of us, I will leave you here.. I and the great dragons of Sycala shall complete the plan!" Tyraku looked at his once friend the fire growing in his eyes, "I won't let you!" shouted Tyrakus. Caloka only sneered more, "So be it you no longer serve a purpose you will die here with those pitiful fools you hold so dear!" With this Caloka leapt off the ruins and took to the skies as did Tyrakus the other rebel dragons sat perched on the ruins set to watch the battle between their leader and the so called tainted dragon! The battle drew out for what seemed like hours but was most likely much shorter, in the end Tyrakus who was much more powerful then his old friend won the battle. Tyrakus dove down and slashed Caloka's neck during the aerial battle. Tyraku watched as his old ally fell from the sky and crashed into the flaming buildings below while the other dragons fled.

Tyraku landed near his fallen friend. "Caloka, It was your betrayal that showed me the way and for that I thank you. I'm sorry that you did not change and were so consumed with darkness. Maybe if you had not interfered I could have created a better world for our future, but alas you where to blinded by your own pride and as a result you may have doomed the great race you crusaded to save. I am sorry it couldn't be different but you chose your own path and it led to ruin , I am sorry for your actions for I myself encouraged them. Perhaps this is my fault as well.."

To Lands Unknown:

The dragon Tyraku sat near the burning ruins contemplating his friends death while Graf and some of the townsfolk returned. "We saw the what you did and we are honored that you fought to protect us, but it is to late to make a difference now." "You should leave soon fore our kingdom will soon amass an army to hunt your kind, I'm sorry but this is the way it must be." Replied the villagers.

Tyraku simply spoke, "Curse the fates what wicked games do they play we are merely their pawns and cannot change the way things are I have failed." "No, replied the townsfolk you have shown us that not all dragons are evil and perhaps we can open the doors of peace in the future, but alas as for now we must fight." "So be it," Replied Tyrakus "I shall leave these lands and return someday when it is safe."

Tyrakus left, he was once again alone an outcast from dragon and human society he decided to leave and seek out new lands and new places where perhaps he could finally find a place to call his home.

The End.
The Tycosian Saga - Short Fiction: Fictional story's based off the perceived history and timeline of Korageth's home world, as well as an exaggerated representation of his life and accomplishments, interactions with others of his kind and so forth. The stories of this section were written collectively around the year 2002 and were based loosely off interpretations of Korageth's perceived life, but heavily diluted with assumptions and fantasy. Although in my youth I had considered these works a literal history book of sorts, they obviously no longer match up with the perceived reality of my spirituality. Still, they can hopefully remain relevant today as a series of short fantasy stories.
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