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Jafira's Past Writings and Works

In this area of the site you will find a catalogue of Jafira's past writings and works, as well as the latest article from each. Click on a topic to see all the writings associated to that section. Click on the blue text to see the latest posting to each section. Also Note the page navigation links on the Lower right. RED TEXT SIGNIFY A TOPIC MENU LINK
By Jafira
Jafira's Ramblings

Dragon Map, New Design, Update's and Wiki

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10/08/2019 |
Jafira's thoughts- blog, journal and general ramblings.
This column has 19 articles.
By Jafira
Jafira's Draconity

Jafira's Draconity (2015 - Present)

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10/13/2019 |
Information about Jafira's spirituality and dragons.
This column has 3 articles.

Jafira's Otherkin Guide PDF (2011-2018)

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10/13/2019 |
This section is designed to discuss ideas, concepts and speculations regarding the idea of otherkinsm. In as such, it is controversial. If you happen to be hypersensitive concerning outside beliefs or are firm and biased in other philosophies, don't bother reading this stuff if you are likely to be offended.
This column has 2 articles.
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