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Otherkin Shifting (2013)

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This letter was written in response to an individual asking about otherkin “shifting”.

Regarding sometimes feeling more like ones kintype then human, that is apparently common during ones awakening, I remember that during the peak of my own personal awakening during some of my late teens I would often times feel the entire dragon body of my kinform Korageth overlapping my human body, often for days at a time.

Even though I would walk upright and do everything normally, I would somehow feel or sense the invisible foot steps of Kora's front legs in front of my human form, and the presence of my wings alongside my hind legs and long tail dragging behind me as I walked around, it was simply indescribable having such a phantom form and feeling the odd sensations of it overlapping my physical form while sensing the simultaneous feeling of both bodies at once. (Sadly I guess I lost or aged out of that connection/ability over time, I can't seem to pull off a shift like that anymore..)

I had for many years in my past, growled and murred and would playfully shift my speech into a raspy draconic voice as well. Several times a day I would commonly on occasion have the need to stretch phantom wings which would randomly appear from my back shoulders. There have also been times in the past wherein I would have the irrational and insane desire to briefly walk on all fours, heh I'd save it for private but yeah I was a weird kid.. At other times I had slept curled upon my sheets or in similar fashions mimicking how I had probably slept in my past kin form.

I am assuming that most or all otherkin have periods in their awakenings in which the influence of their spiritual or psychological identity in some form or sense consumes their mind or spiritual body, at which times they may be more in tuned to their kintype in mind or spirit. Myself, I used to believe that I had the ability to call up my full phantom form alongside a pool of immense energy at will, I often would use that belief to do mental/aura shifts while exploring nearby wilderness so as to truly be free experiencing the surrounding nature.

The only downfall to those random shifts or types of spiritual perceptions is that at the end of the day we are still stuck in our human forms. No otherkin anywhere in modern time has ever successfully pulled off a physical transformation so what I have just described or what you may presently be experiencing are the known peaks and limits of otherkinity's influence over the physical form or reality. No matter what you try, in the end the body you are in is what you have to live with, we are all still confined to what we exist as today, so it remains necessary to work with a focus to better this life as a priority. Work to utilize your kintype as a point of pride, you have a unique understanding of spirit so use that knowledge with the goal that you will never stop improving the present and who you are now.

Keep working on improving your otherkin shifts or states of mind, embrace them, and accept them if you wish, its normal for most kin and frankly feels awesome most of the time. The key is just remembering not to get too caught up in it as some can tend to do. (including myself...) I guess shift in moderation, as good as it may hypothetically feel to be close to your kintype and flow with these sensations you still need to remember to balance your human and otherkin identities. Balance is always important, I see myself separate from most of my peers and spend a lot of time in nature and spiritual introspection but I still also acknowledge that I presently exist in a meritocracy and must work and coexist with said peers in day to day life if I want to succeed in this world or bring honor to my past.

When you are at home, in nature, or with close friends, feel free and at peace to embrace your kintype and shift freely, but when you are in life with a world of non-believers and the folk you will meet day to day remember that you are also part of that world and are responsible to do your best to live and succeed among them. We are here as humans for some reason, we don't exist as who we are today by accident, so do not avoid finding or pursuing your higher purpose or potential by dwelling too deeply on spiritual or psychological escapes or distractions, have a balance and moderation in all things.

~Jafira Dragon
Otherkin and Draconity Advice: A collection of advice letters Jafira has written in the past.
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