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Otherkin Skepticism, when its time to move on-2012

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Skepticism, when its time to move on.

(An old letter to an elder otherkin who was doubting his beliefs)

Let me be honest, over the years I have been a very bad influence on others I had advised from the worldview of a pantheist, flowers and sunshine hippy with a very liberal view of spirituality and self perception. I did not really call for much logic or rationality from my visitors and before the creation of Tumblr and the arrival of Tumblr'kin I came off as somewhat of a spiritual enabler. “Find your own path, do whatever, just don't be a fictionkin.” I was king of fluff, self proclaimed dragon pope and until fairly recently I more or less blindly encouraged any spirituality and magick be it real or simply self generated perceptions. In an infinite multiverse comprised of energy and spirit who was I to disagree? That attitude created a lot of trouble over the years.

I wrote the above mostly to remind or alert you the reader, that I have always leaned more towards a pantheist multiverse spirituality coupled with the concept that anything is possible and therefore wished to warn of my tendency to be sort of an enabler of others perceptions be they real or false. I say such so that you can be aware of my own preconceived biases and know that there are definite rational alternatives and that it is safe and sometimes important to be skeptical at times.

For the most part, you know what is best and true for you and your life, I do not wish to get too heavily involved, to each their own. However, If you as an otherkin never did seem to have any memories or strong associations, such as for example, you just had a few subjective experiences but never came to anything conclusive or if you are considering yourself overburdened and stressed by possible perceived or subjective experiences while lacking any rational evidence It can tend to become quite the burden.

From an outside perspective a lot of otherkinism can be considered questionable at best, any outside observer who may hear of the concept of “otherkin” would obviously be skeptical so it is only natural that you would at times in life be skeptical yourself.

But, it is these times of questioning that separate the kin from those who simply had a failed understanding in their personal self awareness. There is nothing wrong with a healthy skepticism or a questioning of ones understanding of self, It is what prevents delusion and it is better to have lived a fantasy and discovered truth then to have remained in a fantasy and never lived the present life.

In as such, for this text, things will hopefully be different then my usual idealistic writings. Typically, I mentor newly awakened kin whom have stumbled upon my site, often they are teens and young adults trying to figure themselves out and typically, I tend to say to otherkin who are questioning, “stay the course, the truth will make itself known in time.” But lately I have come to learn that many are mature enough to handle otherwise.

So for yourself, listen. You may have had a long run with your beliefs, or perhaps you just encountered them, you may have experienced friendships inside and outside of those beliefs that others in society could never know of, you may have encountered unique and exciting philosophies and the friends and experiences you have made may last a lifetime.

But in the end, otherkinism is an unsubstantiated subjective perception based on personal sensations and emotion, it creates a unique and enticing reality, but in the long run, it can be a distraction from this life, a life in a rough and unstable world that must be lived to the fullest.

That said, I say, if being otherkin is stressing you out or screwing things up, lay it to rest for a time, stay the course of humanity, focus on the life that you are in, relieve yourself of the trials and dramas of the spirituality and simply relish in the sensations and memories of the past when or if the desires demand. Carry on the associations and friendships made, but move on with life as it is and see where it goes. If things are meant to be otherwise and you are undeniably otherkin, then your spirit, the higher self, whatever, by its very nature will make it known to you one way or the other in the future ahead.

But even so, there may be times in life when it is just for the best to distance yourself from spirituality and look at things from an external lens for awhile. Countless older otherkin have left their spirituality at one point or another, for some the path was real and undeniable and it came back to them later. Many would agree that a skeptical break is healthy, it sets your life in perspective. If you are truly otherkin or therian, then taking a break won't change that, but sometimes life needs your attention in the present rather then in the past. Reality needs your focus in the now, not on what had once been.

To conclude, it is healthy to doubt, it is healthy to take a break sometimes. Just remember to always remain true to yourself and know in your heart that everything will be as it is meant to be. If you should find in time that you were wrong about being otherkin, it is not the end, you can at least say that you have been through a lot and experienced a different take on things that most others would never have known, if nothing else it is a unique knowledge and worldview to have even been involved in the community. Regardless of outcome, always be true to your spirit, honor yourself and be free to create your future with magick and pride. Good luck to you and may your path lead to greatness regardless of where the road of time may lead you.

~Jafira Dragon
Otherkin and Draconity Advice: A collection of advice letters Jafira has written in the past.
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