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Korashau, Hybrid-Fusion (Art)

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This is "Korashau" a hybrid or fusion of my two dragon identities, the idea came to me as a sort of hallucination or vision I had once during a severe migraine and he/she has since become how I envision myself internally most of the time ^,=,^

So yes, although I primarily identify as the black dragon Korageth, as a human I tend to feel that I have some mental or emotional aspects from both him and the green dragoness Rashau whom I portray myself as on occasion. In that regard, this is kind of my "true form" or spirit of sorts, at least as pertains to this present life and how I've come to view my internal identity.

The dragon Korageth if he existed, is long dead and Rashau is much the same, a distant possibility long since passed on. But, as I presently exist as a human and seem to have internal aspects from both of those two possible dragons this hybrid image or fusion form of my two sides has become how I tend to see myself in this life.

I feel at times like my soul or consciousness is sort of experiencing this present existence as a balanced or fluid mix of those two dragons memories, emotions and spirit, so if I were to wake up in a dragon form tomorrow I tend to feel that it would probably be in this unique hybrid state rather then appearing as either a renewed Korageth or Rashau.

For the time being though I am still not ready to begin using this form to self identify publicly. I will continue to switch between black and green scales based off who I feel myself to be most in tune with during given times

However, perhaps in the future I will slowly begin to transition over to portraying myself as this fusion dragon, I'll just have to wait and see what happens and determine whether seeing myself in this way is just a phase or not.
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Hybrid Spirit:

I am Korashau, I am the grace, whose mane flows in the cosmic winds, my black scales glisten in the light of the stars, green tinted scales cross my form as plains of nature cut through the night, my eyes, blue as the sky, green as the glade, my wings the blanket of the heavens, my fur, my mane, the tuft of my tail, soft strands of crimson silk. The world in my claw, the heavens my realm, I am spirit, I am all things, I am male, I am female, I am alive, I am dead, I am all knowing, I know nothing, I am love, I am hate, I am legend, I am fact, I am dragon, I am man.

I am the circle of life, elliptical eternity, the beauty of all things, the experience of life, the feral beast who knows love. I am the winged serpent who lives as man, balanced in nature and teacher of the inner light, for we all are one, an encompassing spirit lost but found, living yet dead, we seek the path to understand. Life is to live, life is to love, all else is lesson.

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