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Rawr, long time no updates!
Welcome and I hope you enjoy the new design! This is Jafira's Lair 2020 version^^' I still feel like I haven't aged a day since I first started back in 2001 anyway, there is nothing really new but the look, it's the same content from the old locked down message board version of my site, just in a slightly less novice design I'd hope^^

Dragons Valley has recently been revamped to serve as a repository for dragon and otherkin information and creations, alongside it's original role as a dragon forum, it is still new but has potential. One of it's features is a satellite map which I and close friends have gradually been pinning dragon landmarks too, feel free to check it out!

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In addition, while designing the new revamped version of our Discord's community site Dragons Valley I also took the liberty to build and design a still somewhat rudimentary Dragon/Otherkin Wiki, please feel free to browse and check out it's resources as well! ^,=,^

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