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Dragons from around the world (2015)

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Yo, a short while ago I had a grand scheme to hunt down all the dragon mythologies from around the world and to list a few descriptions and links regarding said mythos alongside of photo's of dragon statues and structures from around the world.

Mostly world wide examples of how dragons had influenced humanity and past cultures. Fun, I was going to call it "The Dragon Heritage Project"

Then as is typical for me, I had a shopping spree during the Steam summer sale, and much distraction was had.

So failed, here is a weakened version of my original project.

This is a collection of dragon statues or buildings from around the world, please feel free to toss me a line if you have come across any other public dragon statues or related structures.


Obviously I found all of these images on a Google search, I make no claim of ownership or copyright and would be happy to remove any image that may be in violation upon request.


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