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Dragon Themed Music (2015)

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Music is very important to me, so much so that it is unlikely that I could survive an entire day without some. So I figured I would share what little knowledge of somewhat dragon themed music I have encountered over the years, (along side a few unrelated songs I just darn like or found meaningful)

Below is a list of all of the dragon themed music that I am aware of, please feel free to drop me a line if you know of any other music, or have particular music of meaning to you. Enjoy!


List of all of the Dragon themed music I am aware of:


Dragon Night Sekai No Owari ---->

Dragon Force Heart of a dragon ---->

Dragon Force Where Dragons Rule ---->

Rhapsody Power of the dragon flame ---->

Rhapsody Black Dragon ---->

Rhapsody of Fire Dragonlands River ---->

MAGNUM Dragons Are Real ---->

Brobdingnagian Bards Do Virgins Taste Better ---->

Broddingnagian Bards The Dragons Retort ---->

Puff The Magic Dragon ---->

Virt Wings of Gold (Game: Dragon Spirit, Remix with vocals) ---->

Secret of Mana theme remix (Dragon Song) ---->

Rydia's Theme Final Fantasy VI Vocal ---->

Don McLean Flight Of The Dragons ---->

Ultimate Remix of Flight Of The Dragons ---->

Dragonheart theme ---->

Dragon Aesthetic ---->

Dreamtale Lady Dragon ---->

Fraternia Dragon Song ---->

Toto, St George And The Dragon Hydra 1979 ---->

LE TONE Joli Dragon ---->

Cuirina Das Drachenfeuer ---->

Klemen Slakonja as Goran Dragic Dragon, Dragone ---->

FinalFantasy XIV Heavensward, Dragonsong Vocal ---->

St George and the dragon childrens song ---->

Brunuhville Fantasy Medieval Music Dance with Dragons ---->

Brunuhville Epic Fantasy Music Dragon Empress ---->

Brunuhville Epic Fantasy Music Cry of the dragons (Vocal) ---->

Manowar Ride the Dragon ---->

Stratovarius Fireborn ---->

Armory Forged In Dragon Flames ---->

Dragonriders Dawn Fallen Templars ---->

Gojira Where Dragons Dwell ---->

Bane of Winterstorm Reign of the Dragon ---->

Therion Call of Dagon ---->

Wizard Call to the Dragon ---->

IronSword Dragons of the sea ---->

Symphony X In The Dragon's Den ---->

Iced Earth Dragon's Child ---->

Saxon Dragons Lair ---->

Stormlord-Age of the dragon ---->

Black Majesty Dragon Reborn ---->

Galloglass Dragons Revenge ---->

Insania Stockholm Beware of the dragons ---->

Bruce Dickinson Tears Of The Dragon ---->

Iron Fire Dragonheart ---->

Dragon Fellow Jack Houston ---->

Dragon Fellow Day Jack Houston (Could no longer Find..)

Happy Dragon Jack Houston (Could no longer Find..)

I can fly Jack Houston (Could no longer Find...)

Little Ruby, Jack Houston (Could no longer Find..)

No way to fly. Jack Houston (Could no longer Find..)


That is all of the dragon Themed/Related music I know of...
(Songs below have nothing to do with dragons, but are meaningful to me spiritually or personally)


Game ChronoTrigger, Zeal Theme -Time Circuits ---->

Above: (I have used variations of this theme for meditation and relaxation since the mid 90's. It helps me to focus and relieve stress.)

Game Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers ---->

Kanon Searching for friends Vocal Final Fantasy VI ---->

Savage Garden You can still be free ---->

Kanon Wings to fly ---->

Tenchi Muyo I'm a Pioneer ---->
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