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Headache Rant: Gods, you have no idea how often I get migraines, its almost every three days like clock work, it starts as a painful pinch in my upper shoulders and the excruciating pain just travels up my neck and throbs out my left eye while simultaneously somehow attacking my stomach. Ack, kill me.. End Vent.

With that out of the way, heya, just checking up in case anyone should stumble upon my site here! ^,=,^

Not much going on.

Lately I've been re-reading this old daily web comic that I used to love--> ... p://

The link above is to an ancient and dead web comic called Dragon Tails, I used to read it daily back when I was in high school and college, (my glory days) I have most of the archive saved on my computer, even many of the ones that the way back machine seems to be missing and I have just been kind of working my way through reading it for old times sake. It's been very nostalgic and good fun. I wish it were still around because its an awesome comic even today.

I'm planning to try to somehow contact the creator Sycle (Tim Dawson) sometime down the line and ask if I can host a zip folder of the archive here so as to share his old works with others.

But I kind of want to finish reading and reliving the comic first before I bother him.^^

In any case, that's what I'm up too as of late, thanks for dropping by!
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