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The Theories Behind Jafira's Beliefs. (2006)

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New Age Ramblings, Explaining The Rational of My Otherkin Beliefs.

(By Jafira, written in the year 2006)

Let us consider the reality that we live in, consider the vastness of our physical universe, Earth is but a mere grain of sand and it and it's inhabitants mere atoms upon that grain of sand. To claim the physical, biological and spiritual laws of this particular grain of sand to be universal truth is impossible because we the inhabitants of this planet are confined to the knowledge and experiences attributable to our Earth and its observable counterparts. Furthermore let us admit that much of that knowledge is still speculation and unconfirmed. We see all things as individuals, each with our own perceptions and from an inherently biased perspective based solely on our individual experiences and knowledge based off that which our senses can perceive or that which can be logically explained.

That which does not make sense to our experiences and knowledge is often rejected as fantasy. Children raised to believe in a higher power, Gods, or spiritual beings will accept such as fact because it relates to their experience and knowledge, others raised in an opposing environment will reject the idea of a higher power, Gods, or spiritual beings. For those raised in a non-spiritual environment, being raised in that perception an individual may feel that things that can not be proven cannot be true. The same can also be stated for magic, spiritual energy, spirits, dragons, unicorns, vampires and so on. As they do not exist on Earth, by most individuals subjective perceptions, they can not or should not exist at all. That is the common assumption of man, that which has not been seen or proven with ones own eyes cannot exist.

The error in this is thinking is, as mankind can not yet see or confirm the possibility of life on other worlds, man will inherently assume that only they exist. They use interpretations of their religions or science to "prove" this point. But the universe is infinitely vast, it would be a waste of a creators time to create such complexity for a single world and within the infinite vastness of space countless earth-like planets obviously must exist among many other stars, we simply cannot know what is out there yet. As a result of that lack of proof, by the reasoning of many, we are and should always be alone.

In my personal view of the vast and ever growing complexity that is our universe, other worlds and laws most definitely exist. So I believe in other planets where others assume we are by default alone. When I consider as well the theory of reincarnation I can easily believe that a dragon or entity of one world may end up incarnating as a man on earth and perhaps tell tales of what he once knew or saw in dreams of another world, these tales, would obviously be considered false by others perceptions and would be called fantasy. But that assumption does not change the possibility that on another world or in another time or life, such forms and beings did or do exist.

As well, let us consider our knowledge of the unforeseen or our present theoretical mechanisms of the universe: dark matter, the nature of gravity, physical matter, expansion, quantum physics, time and so on? When considering such, even the most ardent or arrogant of mans scholars will state that man is still vastly unfamiliar with the nature of the universe beyond what has presently been observed, in as such it is not too far a stretch of the imagination to believe that other worlds in different areas of space may be subject to different physical or dimensional laws compared to that of Earth, as by our own admission, we do not yet know everything, only that which is immediately observable from our present grain of sand in space.

Finally we come to a speculation of the nature of the spirit. Let us imagine or assume, that all existence, spiritual and non has resulted through the will of some external power, perhaps an eternal entity comprised of creative energy outside of physical existence. As well, let us assume that the energy of this creative force likely exists in all forms and universal laws throughout existence. Let us speculate that through this eternal being, perhaps sentience was given to it's own energy in the form of a soul and maybe physical forms were created and evolved to house, teach and to grow these souls?

With each physical death the soul might possibly return to the energy of it's creator, compile and learn from its lessons and then return to the physical universe in a new form to experience life and to observe reality in a new body? Perhaps a male born in 1984 who dies around 2030 might come back as a female in 1980 to have a do over and see what life would be like from a different perspective? Perhaps life in a way is just our spirits test driving different bodies to experience them and to learn what each body or lifetime could be like? If such a force had designed this process, the purpose of life would likely be for each soul to transition between countless forms throughout time and space within the physical universe, learn of what it means to live, to experience pains, to have joys and fears, to love, to die and to repeat in numerous successive journeys or forms until our souls source exhausts it's energy or chooses to cease the universe and end the process? (Perhaps a reset or simply a final end for our souls?)

To protect each new individual experience of existing in each new form, it would be considered proper for the soul to have a temporary or spiritual amnesia from other lives while in each new form so that the experiences and memories of the last life did not conflict with the experiences of the new existence? Similar to how in death, Romans and Greeks would drink from the River Styx and forget their lives. As well, it can easily be considered that as each new forms brain does not have the memory or mechanics of the souls possible prior form within it, then the entire past or memory obviously would not be able to carry over while in physical flesh,

But what if some souls that have progressed through many lives over time perhaps have gained the power to carry over the knowledge? That the soul can through successive existence's learn to partition a part of it's past consciousness in order to reach out and to teach the present bodies mind its own past? This is the concept of my otherkin awakening and has likely been true for others. Although the present mind may not have the experiences of the past, maybe the soul retains some of it and with spiritual exercise can, overtime remind the conscious mind of select or emotionally driven events.

In Regards to such, I believe strongly, based on emotional, psychological, and spiritual evidence that I may in some sense be the reincarnation of a dragon which had once existed in some form from some other realm. I am not alone in my odd belief, there are a variety of other people who have arrived at similar conclusions to my own, you can see for yourself by visiting or by reading Baxil's draconity faq, if you choose not to believe in the subject matter, then all I can ask really is that you consider, that we simply have alternative beliefs and leave it at that.

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