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Title: Dragons

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Do we exist are we real?---one thing is for certain---- are actions show are true forms---and thus we shape are world---are dreams will keep us living---and hatred will not kill us--- we fly on wings of hope---and we can learn to cope---within this world real or not---we won't always stay the same ---alas our memories will remain---so I will not lie we can never die!
Jafira's old Poems: This is my ancient poetry mostly written while in high school, I should mention that most of the poetry may be fairly odd, representative of my early awakening stages when I had a lesser understanding of myself or my perceived understanding of my draconity. Overall I am greatly embarrassed by these ancient writings and tend not to discuss them much. But for the purpose of disclosure, as well, as a desire not to censor my past or forget where it is I came from, both literary and otherwise, I have kept these available.
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