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Jafira's old Poems

Title: The Hidden Path (2002)

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Title: The Hidden Path

There is a time, there is a land, there is a place made by my hand a world of life a world of death, a place were elves can dwell and dragons growl a land of mystery and intrigue this hidden world within my mind is not that hard to find just open your heart and an eye seek the hidden path and try. Find the key to the past it doesn't have to be fast... Just remember the days before your troubles when life was fun and you blew bubbles find the little one within and soon you'll see the reward you win.
Jafira's old Poems: This is my ancient poetry mostly written while in high school, I should mention that most of the poetry may be fairly odd, representative of my early awakening stages when I had a lesser understanding of myself or my perceived understanding of my draconity. Overall I am greatly embarrassed by these ancient writings and tend not to discuss them much. But for the purpose of disclosure, as well, as a desire not to censor my past or forget where it is I came from, both literary and otherwise, I have kept these available.
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