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Jafira's old Poems

Title: My Tycosa (2002)

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Title: My Tycosa

(The Memory of my homeland.)

My home Tycosa, hidden valley of the winds - whose lucent clouds shone with beauty and brilliance...- My home who's great falls fed our home and quenched my thirst.- My home Tycosa whose once great woods held home to magic and prey. - My home Tycosa whose great forests lie without equal in beauty and grace. - My home Tycosa whose great rivers fell from mighty falls and fed the lake of Kelona which itself nourished the land and it's ilk. - My home Tycosa who's vast plains spread for miles - wielding great herds of magnificent beasts beyond the eye of man. My home Tycosa whose great ruined tower once stood the symbol of pride and peace within the center- The center of my paradise.

-My home Tycosa whose vast mountains circled and concealed our home, our valley of dragons and tranquility! The great mountains of Sycala, Those snowcapped peaks - without equal in beauty, surpassed only by the great mountain of Tyfone – whose winds whistled songs of peace - always countering the cragged distant mountain of Calakos - whose caverns once bore home to dragon hoards and treasures unknown. - My home Tycosa hidden valley of the winds - how can you not be real after knowing the way I feel.

- You must exist in someway though impossible to show, I still in some sense know - and I shall find you someday. - My hidden paradise born and lost through dreams - you will live forever in my heart and mind. - Someday I'll return, - someday I'll comeback - your proclaimed guardian - your protector - and your friend. Korageth Nightwind.
Jafira's old Poems: This is my ancient poetry mostly written while in high school, I should mention that most of the poetry may be fairly odd, representative of my early awakening stages when I had a lesser understanding of myself or my perceived understanding of my draconity. Overall I am greatly embarrassed by these ancient writings and tend not to discuss them much. But for the purpose of disclosure, as well, as a desire not to censor my past or forget where it is I came from, both literary and otherwise, I have kept these available.
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