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About The Dragon Jafira Trias Sunstrike (1999-2008

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About Jafira Dragon.

Jafira showed up as a new consciousness or head mate one morning in the winter of 1999, with no memory or knowledge but as a clearly sentient consciousness within my mind. The persona tended to be playful fun loving and explorative, he chose his own name while I was camping in the woods a few short weeks after his arrival.

The persona known as Jafira was male, but due to his similarity to my semi-spiritual fursona Rashau and the feminine nature of his name he had been mistaken by others as a female dragon sona in the past.

In the past my mate Skyla liked to screw with others confusion by rule63'ing him in her artwork, thus there may be some female representations of Jafira floating around.

Unlike my perceptions of Korageth, the persona known as Jafira had no theories of its own existence or presence, tended to have few memories false or otherwise, and had always been a general mystery in regards to his past or purpose, overall I presently assume that much like Veltra, Jafira was a memory fragment of a dragon met by Korageth within his lifetime.
The perceived image of Jafira within my conscious mind is that of a younger green dragon with a red mane from the tip of his forehead running down the nape of his neck, the material of the mane is undetermined, it could be made up of feathers or fur.

His appearance is generally more young, slender and playful in comparison to that of the other two dragons, his eye color is believed to be yellow, but can be toyed with artistically. Overall, like the others he generally has an average western dragon appearance, no special traits beyond the red mane.
In regards to using his name "Jafira" as my online identifier, I admittedly have a greater affinity and relationship with Korageth, however, Jafira's name happens to be more inviting, and more playful, in my opinion.

As a result I chose to associate myself with his name rather then Kora's. As well, in some regards, I see a lot of my own personality within Jafira, in regards to his youthful and idealistic adventurism, exploration, fun loving disposition etcetera, I felt it was appropriate.
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About Jafira's Dragons: Jafira's Dragons Past and Present, their mixed origins as possible past incarnations and "head mates" as well as their effect on his spirituality and fictional stories.
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