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Considering my beliefs, (found in the "Dragon Spirituality", or "My draconity" sections) this page is a compilation of information that I perceive to be true of Tycosian dragons based off my faith and meditations in regards to Korageth's existence as such a being.

Please note that this document is a rewrite and therefore superior and separate from the one once portrayed at this location in the past.

My perceptions of Korageth's life are based off a series of dreams, meditations, possible memories, visions and so forth, the most controversial aspect of my draconity is the humanoid wolf which I call Justra, his presence in my spirituality is mostly based off dreams of my perceived death, I had assumed in the past based on his presence that Korageth may have been domesticated by him and based past assumptions of my draconity on that belief.

This page will reflect that. However keep in mind that I have no evidence, it is assumption, bull, belief, faith, the opposite of proof. Take this page with a grain of salt, written from assumption it lacks truth, it represents thoughts and feelings I experienced during my early awakening, and that's about it.

Since the Tycosian dragons are based solely on my perceptions and beliefs, they would obviously have no relevance to actual dragons physical or spiritual, of this or any other worlds, therefore any information on this page should be regarded only as theoretical assumption.

Dragon Classification
(Provided by Dragons Empire)

Class: Xenosauria (Gr. xeno=strange, saur=lizard)
Subclass: Pterosauria (Gr. pteron=wing, saur=lizard)
Order: Squamadraconia (Lt. squama=scale, draco=dragon)
Sub-Order: Draconia (Lt. draco=dragon)
Family: Pterodraconia (Gr. pteron=wing; Lt. draco=dragon)

Scientific Name: Notosteodracus tycosiania
Common Name: Tycosian Ridgeback

Initial Description:
- Genus:
Different from Europe Horntail, Europe Ridgeback has no knob at tail tip. It has only a row of spikes set along the length of the back and tail. It has cat-like hind legs, A little smaller forelimbs, and a pair of branchless horns. Its body covered by scales, wings are webs. Wings structure is the same as standard western dragon.

- Species:
General Draco-sized (4) Tycosian Ridgeback.

Tycosian Dragons: "The dragons of the Tycosian Valley were a waning race some were nomadic like myself, others lived in a nearby group or clan. The colors that were perceived to be certain were black, green, and yellow but other varieties likely existed based on environment. We were capable of some sentience but were primarily instinctual creatures, we had no known or perceived breath weapon, our territory was a large pristine valley." - descripted, a Tycosian dragon

- N. tycosiania ebona> (black)
Black-scaled Tycosian Dragon
- N. tycosiania viridis > (Lt. viridis = green)
Green-scaled Tycosian Dragon
- N. tycosiania aurum (LLt. aurum = gold)
Yellow-scaled Tycosian Dragon

Homeland Information
Terraset: Terraset was the name I have chosen to refer to my home world, "Terra" perceived to mean Earth and "Set" perceived to mean second, so a literal translation would be Second-Earth. I make no claim that was the actual name of the planet or realm, but that is the name I feel should be used for reference.

Tycosa: It is perceived that the name Tycosa possibly meant tranquility or paradise, it was an expansive valley region surrounded by a mountain range, the sky was often covered by a thin hazy cloud cover, although often cloudy the moon and stars would often still somewhat be visible through patches in the night sky. The valley contained a patchwork of forests and plains, as well as rivers, waterfalls, a large lake, and a ruined city complex as well. This is were Korageth, and the Justra resided in the past before they're deaths.

The Dragons: There didn't seem to be many dragons remaining in the Tycosa region at the time of Korageth's presence, the dragons were perceived to be nomadic and although there may have been a small group or clan nearby in some caves it was likely that they had migrated to other locations due to scarce prey and external threats. As for the ones who had remained, Korageth was somewhat domesticated and the other few known to be present thrived well within the valley region.

The Tycosian Dragons
I admit that I really don't know much about dragons, Korageth was more or less domesticated having been hatched and raised unnaturally, he did not live an average dragon lifestyle, but stated below will be everything that I know of concerning the dragons of Tycosa.

Remember not all dragons are the same and Dragons like people would be different what applied to some would not apply to others of our kind.

Dragons Color's
This probably wouldn't apply to all dragons because dragons like people are all different. On Terraset were Korageth existed, he only met roughly three others of his kind before he was slain, he himself had a black scale coloration, his mate Rikara also had a black scale coloration, a younger dragon encountered during his lifetime had green shaded scales and a fur like mane down his spine, as well a larger aged dragon encountered in Kora's lifetime consisted of a dark yellow scale coloration, as a result of these experiences those colors are perceived to have been present for certain.

The color varieties and appearances of dragons as mentioned above were likely an adaptation to the dragons environment. Dragons in shades of black, (like Korageth and his mate) likely hunted during the night -dragons in shades of green (Like Jafira) would have likely resided near forested or grassy areas- dragons in shades of yellow or orange (like Veltra) would likely have habituated near mountainous area's. These were likely the more common habits, and coloration's, in reality the dragons color like snakes and reptiles on Earth would've likely depended on habitat and adaptation, and as a side note, unlike fictional representations perceived by man, such as D&D and what not, a dragons coloration likely did not represent personality or affect ones preferred dwelling place or habits.

It is perceived that the types of skin, scales or hide slightly depended on the dragons shade, adaptations and environment though the most common from what I can perceive were scales similar to that of an iguana's on Earth, personally I feel it would likely be more like the structure of an alligators, Caymans, but perceptions of Korageth and his kind lean more towards a smoother scale structure. Some dragons likely did have have tougher scales similar to hide though by perception I am certain that none of the dragon's appeared to have anything similar to fur or feathers other then the perceived mane on the dragon known as Jafira. The common trend based off of perceptions of Korageth's life, was often a dragon with smooth thick scales likely weaker near the belly. (Traditional Western dragon body structure)

Breath Weapon
Based strongly on the perceptions of Korageth's life, dragons of that planet never used a "breath weapon" , I don't believe any other dragons Korageth had contact with could do such either, it is possible that some may had adapted or evolved venom, but otherwise based on perception and experience, I don't feel that breath weapons were ever an adaptation regarding the dragons there. No burning stuff for Korageth it seemed.

Dragon Communication
It is to my perceptive understanding that Korageth communicated with other dragons he encountered through an instinctual complex system of movement, action, sound, and motions. It is not perceived that any verbal language was obtainable for the dragons of that world, from perception, Korageth was raised by Justra, a sentient being who spoke to him daily, Korageth could understand the language of Justra and react to it, but apparently could not verbally communicate back to him, based on my perception.

It is also believed that receptive communication was also mastered on mild levels between Korageth and others concerning understanding of emotions, deep thoughts, and empathy between himself and follow dragons and beings he had come in contact with throughout his lifetime.

Through this system of empathy and comprehension he was able to communicate mildly through none verbal means with his sentient companion Justra, as well as his mate and follow dragons he encountered prior his death.

Dragon's Wings
With the likely exception of degenerative mutations the dragons of Terraset are perceived to have all had wings, their wings seemed to be built primarily for gliding and not for rapid flapping, the bone structure was likely light much like that of a birds and were separate from their forearms, they were not wyverns, they're wings were separate limbs perceptively connected to the skeletal structure around their shoulder blades. The wings could be folded to the side while not in flight.

The wings of the dragons were perceived to be bat like with a thin membrane connected to the body. If damaged it would likely be permanent as their wing membranes are perceived to have been very difficult to heal. While flying the wings would be outstretched like a kite or glider, perceptively gliding on air thermals and wind currents and flapped occasionally to gain altitude or speed. Perceptions of Korageth's flights lead to the belief that they preferred to take off from a high cliff or ledge formation as ground take off's were often difficult and required significant effort. While flying they were perceived to have steered by leaning their body towards the direction they wanted to go and apparently used their tails for stabilization.

Dragons Tail
Obviously all the dragons had tails usually their tails were about the length of their bodies some likely had longer tails, very seldom would they have been short. Their tails were perceived to have been used in flight but seemed to have been primarily used while on the ground to provided balance. Korageth was perceived to have had the ability to stand upright for a short period while balancing on his hind legs and tail this could allow him to appear larger then he actually were as well as reached inaccessible areas, it likely could have also been used as intimidation to a possible threat.

Based on perceptions of Korageth's life, the dragons tails commonly ended like that of an average lizard. There is a mild possibility that some may have had a furred or feathered patch at the tip of their tail, I had originally perceived Korageth's tail to have ended in a spade, but no longer perceive such to have been true..

Dragon's Size
Size: The size of our kind is difficult to describe as from the first person perspective of Korageth it was seldom that rational comparisons could be determined, from his perceived life, he did not necessarily worry about such things, and currently I cannot accurately give an approximate amount of feet or weight, since I would prefer to avoid embarrassment by accidentally stating numbers which may be of immense size no where near his original proportions (again..) I will not say for certain what I perceive.

I will instead play this safe and state that the dragons of Terraset/Tycosa were likely of average dragon size. In that sense not of any enormous or infeasible proportions, perhaps eight to ten fight in height and sixteen to twenty feet in length? More or less common proportions of what would be expected of a larger reptile, uncertain how else to explain that. Body length was quite long from tail to snout, height was perceived to be average. Exact proportions are unavailable.

Species and Types
Dragon (Duragarus) = The basic winged dragon or western dragon (Korageth) was the only type that can be perceived to have been living in that area, they seemed to have came in a variety of colors and sizes, The dragons there could communicate through primitive fashion and had some level of intelligence, due to their size and form they were likely hunted by more sentient creatures. Because of scarce food supply it is perceived that the dragons existed in broken nomadic groups or existed as independents.

Dragon's Senses
It is believed by perceptions of Korageth's life, that the eyes functioned fairly well, they were perceived to have been telescopic similar to that of an eagle, and perceptively saw in color though not entirely the same as humans due to obvious evolutionary differences. Their eyes are perceived to have also functioned similar to a humans at night. They were likely effective for spotting prey while flying. Korageth was perceived to have had a pretty good sense of smell as well and tended to taste the air with his tongue much like a snake. Unfortunately the hearing of Korageth is perceived to have been of little difference to that of a mans.

Korageths scales were perceived to have been thick and mild injuries were seldom felt unless they occurred near his wings or belly. His sense of taste is perceived to have functioned well though obviously different from humans I cannot seem to properly explain the difference at this time.

Features and Appearance
It would often times depend upon the color shading evolutionary adaptations and ancestry but mostly among dark shaded dragons such as Korageth and his mate, they are perceived to have had two horns and a series of spines down their back. Based upon the green dragon perceived to have been encountered by Korageth, it seems he had a mane of reddish brown fur or feathers forming a mane from the top of his head going down his neck accompanied by a series of spines and a set of horns on his head.

Based on perceptions of the Yellow or orange shaded dragon encountered by Korageth, he had neither fur nor spines though had a series of rigid scales down his back, and was perceived to have had a larger wing span then the other dragons encountered by Korageth. As Korageth only encountered three of his kind throughout his perceived life, I cannot claim anything further.

Dragon's Diet
Korageth as well as the other dragons he encountered were large and had to hunt every few weeks, Based off of perceptions of Korageth life, they were likely omnivores capable of eating both plants and meat, but were apparently adapted more to the consumption of meat. Perceptions of Korageth's life lead to the assumption that he hunted a type of grazing animal similar in structure to an antelope on Earth, however living with a sentient being, he also ate fish and small mammals which had been hunted.

Korageth is perceived to have slept through winters, so could apparently go some months without food, something of such size would likely need to feed occasionally for preserves so would likely consume more near the start of colder weather.

Hunting Style
Like it or not, it is perceived that Korageth and his fellow dragons were carnivorous and would often hunt usually from the skies, by perceptions of Korageth, they would leisurely fly around until spotting prey and would then dive down upon it depending on the preys size, they would sink there claws into the flesh and make a deathblow similar to a bird of prey's style. If conditions were more difficult they would calculate a more suitable attack to take down their prey, it is perceived that Korageth never had a confrontation with creatures more then half his size.

Dragon's Habitats
From what can best be perceived Korageth and his kind were very adaptable creatures which could live almost anywhere, none of them seem to have been confined to any special habitat but often chose to live in their own preferred or selected landscape or territory. The yellowish dragon met by Korageth apparently preferred mountain tops were he could blend in with the rocks and could take flight easier.

The green dragon encountered was perceived to have habituated in the forests patched throughout Korageth's valley region. Korageth was domesticated and lived in a large ruined building complex, his perceived mate is believed to have resided near the base of a nearby mountain were she could see her surroundings easier and sleep through the day without disturbances.

Ageing/life span
Korageth is perceived to have reached his adult size after about five to seven years (Earth time?) unfortunately Korageth is perceived to have died relatively young, slain at the rough equal of sixteen years of age, as a result a reliable judgment of aging and lifespan cannot be accurately determined, the full life span of the dragons of that world, excluding deaths from disease or battle is unknown.

Dragon Society
From what I can best perceive, the dragons were social creatures but because of their large size and diet they could seldom gather in groups of more then three or four, it is perceived that they hunted and controlled separate territories.

Based on perceptions I feel however that most of the dragons (Korageth included) chose to be nomadic wonderers, it meant more food for them and less responsibility.

The dragons of Terraset often came in two groups, the nomadic, and the "clan" dragons, members of both types often mated for life and usually upon finding a mate would relocate to a secure area or territory and choose to remain there as long as conditions allowed. There they would care for any hatchlings until they were able to exist independently on their own. Perceptively in areas were there may have been more prey and food some families would remain and merge to form a small clan or three or four, this would usually only last until the food became scarce and they would be forced to separate.

Side note: Although it had been stated that most of the dragons mated for life, that may not have always meant that they chose to remain together but rather may have chosen to meet occasionally, and if one should die the survivor may have chosen to seek a replacement. Korageth is perceived to have become mated shortly before his death, but resided in a location separate from his mate.
About Jafira's Dragons: Jafira's Dragons Past and Present, their mixed origins as possible past incarnations and "head mates" as well as their effect on his spirituality and fictional stories.
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